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    The purpose of this thread is to recover whatever we can from the now closed website.
    This can extend to the website as who knows what will happen to it in the future, with online infrastructure for the game being offline and all.
    Some of you may know more than others what it feels like when a website for a game goes down, as that website usually contains much of the fiction and art surrounding the universe for that game. When it disappears, so does that content.
    This is an effort to preserve this content. This is a collaborative effort, so please help me out. Also, if you do help out try to keep the things you recover linked in one post and edit it as you go so I only have to link to one thing. The keywords you should follow are fast, accessible, concise.

    What would be extra awesome is if somehow the ship skinning utility could be brought back in some pure offline form (Though a stable online mirror would do if it's required.) It's a pipe dream I know, but just by opening up some files with notepad I've figured out a few things. Someone with more appropriate tools could probably do much more than just look at things. For that reason I've attached my three ship skins that I still have at the end; use them to work on things if you're feeling brave.

    Try to get anything like art assets, text files, the leaderboards, and other things. I know these things are already on web-archive, but I don't know how permanent that is, however I know that it's quite slow to use often times (And it can also switch languages.) The goal is to make something faster and more accessible here.
    For file formats try to use standard lossless ones that can be opened on as many platforms as possible, i.e. for pictures you take yourself (screencaps) use .png and not .jpg, use a standard worksheet format for recovered leaderboards like .xls and not .xlsx, etc.
    For file uploads use stable and fast links. Imgur is good for pictures and Mediafire is good for small file sizes. You can use what you want if you are already set up somewhere else, but make sure it's fast for everyone (Free users included.) For example RapidShare just switched to a 30kb/s download for free users, so if you use that I will say nasty things about you.

    You can grab stuff from Web-Archive and post it here in replies.
    Maybe we can get a 50kb exemption for this thread if needed as it might contain lots of pictures in the future.

    Use Ctrl+F with the bracket codes to navigate

    1. [PIC] Pictures and other art assets
      • [LOG] Team Logos
      • [WAL] Wallpapers
    2. [BRD] Leaderboards
    3. [MIS] Miscellaneous
      • [PRO] Team Profiles
      • [SCN] Screensavers

    1. Pictures and other art assets [PIC]

    1.1 Team Logos [LOG]

    1.2 Wallpapers [WAL]

    The following are available in 480x272, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1600x1200 and 1920x1200 resolutions. Zip File.

    2. Leaderboards [BRD]

    Someone might want to create an Excel template or something that can easily be filled in with copy/paste.

    3. Miscellaneous [MIS]

    3.1 Team Profiles [PRO]

    Team Profiles & Statements
    Team Profiles & Statements (Google Docs)

    3.2 Screensavers [SCN]

    Download for Windows PC and Apple Computers
    Unfortunately not all teams are available.

    Attached are team skins for whoever wishes to work on it:
    Attached Files Attached Files
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