Hey everyone ☺️👍I'm not new to here but it has been absolute years since I last posted on here. I now have a PS4 PRO and I'm playing Wipeout again and man I've missed it lol, also just to let you know I had to make a new PlayStation ID my old one used to be IXxNOCTURNALxXI, now on PS4 it's IxNOCTURNUSxI. It's taken me some time to get used to racing on Phantom/A+ class again but I've started to get back into it again woop! If anyone wants to add me on PSN then please feel free to 👌☺️I am just sorting out PlayStation network to play online again as it keeps messing up even though I'm putting in all correct details etc, see you all soon and I truly hope you have all been healthy and happy since I have been gone ☺️