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    Default dpad/stick, and true analog

    Ok, so I have been testing and using a variety of controllers for WOHD, including a standard controller, dual trigger thrustmaster controller, A joystick I made, Thrustmaster wheel, three styles of negcon (Al, element42, RDC), and a new controller that I just made called the JABBER-PAD! (a ultraracer 64 turned sideways and put into a box with extra buttons. ALL of these controllers worked pretty much the same for the game in TIME TRIAL MODE. All had advantages and disadvantages, but I preferred the AL-negcon, and the Jabber-pad. they appeared to give no speed advantage whatsoever, but were more fun to use. They turned nice and smooth, where I did not have to taptaptap.

    THEN THERE IS MULTIPLAYER: We all know of the lag issue in wipeout hd, and how it affects how quickly you turn. It is bad for ALL the controllers in that the game DOES NOT feel the same for steering. It is way off, however with the dpad/analog stick, you can tap tap tap 500 thousand times to keep the ship on the track, BUT THE ISSUE HERE is with the TRUE analog controller, where you can hold a smooth line(in time trial), the same is not the case in MP. the game lags, and you lose the input, so your ship either starts to turn slower, or not at all, THEN you try to correct this issue by a quick twist or turn the other way, only to have you last input turning the other way finally work. then the fireworks begin banging wall to wall, and high decibal sounds to be heard in my neighbors appartment. There is no getting around this the way the game is, I have tested a significant amount of time with all these controllers, and it is always the same. Warm up time trial, perfect smooth turns, go multiplayer, and instant NOOB, even for just plain steering, it has NOTHING to do with weapons, it is only the steering that just does not keep up with the game.

    ON a side note, the does not happen in other online racing games with the negcon, or the wheel

    Wipeout is supposed to be about smooth pinpoint steering, pitch control, floatiness, and speed. Multiplayer in my opinion is now broken due to this. I have never had anthing so frustrating in my life going from beautiful playing game in time trial, to fighting the game in MP instead of my opponents. I have issues as well that analog steering SHOULD be faster than digital, I mean who the hell uses a dpad in their car, however I would accept the way it is in TT if it would translate over exactly the same in MP.

    I think last year I had said how frustrating this was and would not write about it again, but did not know this specific issue with the game. If you want to purchase a negcon for wipeout hd specifically, you are wasting your time unless you only plan to play time trial, unfortunately. If you want it for the ps3 in general it is very very good, and the one I made and element 42 made both worked on the mac, which was cool as well.

    One more note on this, when you are actually leading the race, this issue does not crop up, almost not at all. even when when you are in last it is fine as long as NOONE else is on you screen or in you vicinity. So the beginning of the race, you get all this lag, go wall to wall, run over someones mines (or even just one mine), lose 2-5 seconds, then race perfectly for the next two laps until you catch up and someone is on you screen again, then repeat process. AWESOME!

    THIS all could be fixed very simply. PUT IN A LAN OPTION. WOULD SOLVE MP PERFECTLY
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