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Thread: Wipeout xl multiplayer patch

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    Default Wipeout xl multiplayer patch

    Hi all !
    I'm looking for wipeout multiplayer patch but all the downloads links i have meet were deads if somebody got a link to this pacth can he mail it at ??

    Thanks... :-)

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    Default multiplayer patch URL

    It really annoys me that redirects to a crappy website that has absolutely no support for their PC games.

    Here are the best links I found to the patch, the first one is the best I think: (3 mirrors) (3 links with adverts)

    If that fails you can always search with:

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    Zark - good work - I've made this topic sticky for the benefit of others.

    As for well, the plug was pulled on that when Sony took over, I suspect, so it's hardly the fault of the original creators of the game.

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    I don't know if anyone realises this but PC 2097 does play on a LAN. i got it to work using a patch that makes the XL network patch work for 2097... not sure if it can work online but since it uses TCP/IP, i don't see why not.. since I'm behind a router, i need to open a port which the game uses (??)
    the patch also plays at normal speed.

    download it from my share

    run the setup, and use wipeout lobby exe found in your 2097 directory. I think hosting and joining requires the CD.
    I'm not sure what the adress information is all about, either your own ip if hosting or the ip of the host if joining i think..

    if this is already common knowledge, I apologise. I just think this opens a big opportunity to host a game Smile

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    hello, thx for the links but, i cant play on my network coz:
    when i run Net-woxl.exe, in thx Network combo box, i only have the Single Player option and not the ipx/network option.
    The readme file says that it works if u have directplay3 installed or more.
    i think (i searched google) that directplay is part of directx, so i redownloaded directx (i download the 9.0 version) then i installed it, but still i cant see and use the network option that should be in Net-woxl.exe ....

    plz Help !

    PS: i ve installed the patch provided in the previous post (with install program), i m behind a router with another pc which has windows2000 sp4, i ve got windows XP sp1 on this computer and wipeout 2097 with cd...

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    Can you get wipeout on pc for free??
    because if it was freeware, that'd be extraordinary


    i fixed the problem on my computer, i just panicked......a lot.
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    You can get it for free, but that doesn't mean it's always legal to do so.

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    Cool Multiplayer is waaay to fast to play

    Hi all!
    i would realy like to see some network games of WO2097 over tunngle network (
    but im having greif getting the network patch to run at 30fps

    does anyone know a solution?

    the singleplayer speed patch works perfectly for me in Win7!

    got Wipeout 2097 running perfectly
    and got the admin at tunngle to make a us Wipeout XL channel ^^
    umm was not easy..
    because there is no fix for IPX with Win7 that i know of, a OS that supports IPX is needed for multiplay
    so I made my laptop a duel boot system with 7/XP, witch involved slipstreaming my SATA drivers on the XP install CD..
    and installing it to another partion.. then running a repair on win7 install cd to repair its boot sector.
    its a complicated processes and alot of research should be done in advance of the operation.

    on XP with the netplay the frame rate problem was cured
    I used tha patch Prometheus posted above

    Im running 100% with wipeout xl
    hopefuly there are some XP peeps still wanting to play ^^
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    can someone post the SLOWDOWN PATCH, and the NETWORK PATCH. I finally have the game up and running with a negcon (which appears to work right, while no analog works correctly on MAC). I really want to test this out now, maybe get some multiplayer up and running at a good framerate online

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