I've got the NeGcon working now with the emulator. So XL will be my new project .

I really love Wipeout 64. For some reason it's my favorite Wipeout but XL is not far behind. I really like the air mechanics on it.

Last year I did a speedrun where I got all the golds for the Challenge mode in 1 try from a fresh save file. Took me 1 hour 4 minutes. It's very improvable but it's very hard to get all the golds in 1 try as well. Especially Super Combo Challenge 5 is a real killer. Sometimes you just get unlucky and the computers kill each other so you cannot get the required 8 kills for gold. My strategy of parking on the weapon plates is really effective though for most weapon and Super Combo Challenges. For Race and Time Attack it's mostly just practice.