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Thread: PS3 NeGcon - Can it be done???

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    Default PS3 NeGcon - Can it be done???

    See my photo album for the carnage - warning - explicit content!

    If I can make this thing work....

    Edit: A bit more info to chew on - any input or ideas? Feel free to contribute!

    Thought process currently - take the guts from a PS3 controller - and wire buttons to those inside the NeGcon. As for the NeGcon X, [] and L1 will have to be modified, as they're analogue - thinking of pulling the carbon pad out of the potentiometers and masking them so they respond as switches. (this, should be easier than rigging up a new switch to go into the existing locations) The Twist-Action of the NeGcon will remain intact, but the range of movement will be a lot tighter - 1/2 to 1/3 of original range for max-to-max - hoping to have the potentiometer replaced with one from a PS3 stick (swapping carbon pads between the bodies). As for the PS3 controller - stuffing the mainboard inside the NeGcon (this WILL BE one of my biggest challenges of this project, no doubt about it), installing 4 extra buttons (going to use mini switches for L2, R2, PS Button and Select).

    Phew - my brain are dead for naow!
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