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Thread: Searching for a copy of WO3:SE

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    Default Searching for a copy of WO3:SE

    I just recently crawled out of my rock and found out that there was a WO3:SE made, does anybody know where I can obtain a copy of this and how to get it to play on a US PS2?

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    it was only released in the UK so it is PAL format and therefore doesnt work on US machines (NTSC format). the only way to play it in the US is to get a mod chip for your psx or if you have deep pockets buy a PAL playstation a PAL tv and voltage adaptors. then you can buy SE from a UK store.. if you can find it.

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    I have a mod chip in my PSX. I've searched the internet for a copy of the PAL version and can't seem to find it. Is there any Import sites out there that might have for sell?

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    It pops up on Ebay from time to time - you could try there

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