The WipeoutZone forums are a place for discussion on all things Wipeout and on any given subject in the General discussion board.
  • Always make sure you're posting in the right board.

    If you're a new member, take the time to look around before posting. Posting a duplicate topic to one that has been answered or discussed recently does not go down too well with existing members - you'll understand that in a couple of months yourself.

    Always show respect for existing members - we all have one thing in common regardless of other differences.

    Try to avoid pointless bickering or name calling. There are bound to be people out there who disagree with you - the world would be a very dull place if we all loved Feisar

    Avoid starting topics like "What's your favourite track?" - these have all been done to death so many times before. A better topic would be "My favourite track is Stanza Inter - what do you think of it?" - this leads the discussion

    While it is ok to advertise your own site, it is not cool to spam the board with adverts for your site - they'll be deleted.

    Don't post large images - post a link to them instead so that folk on a slow connection can at least choose to view them or not. ''Large image'' is defined as anything over 50Kilobytes. Do not post a series of small images if the total size of all images is more than 50 Kilobytes. [size definitions added by Lance]

    Quote only that part of a post that you are replying to. If you reply to the post that is just ahead of your reply, do not quote at all, unless the replied-to post is very large, and you are commenting only on a small part of it, and you need to quote in order to make clear what you are commenting on. The purpose of these quotation rules is to avoid confusing clutter on the page so that it can be more quickly and easily read.
    [added to the guide by Lance]

    Please avoid discussing pirate software/media on this board - there are places for that kind of thing and this isn't one of them.

    Above all - have fun!