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    Default Wipeout Pure FAQ

    Current version is 1.07. v1.1 is in the works.

    The download packs for all regions can be found here


    Due to the large number of simple questions I've seen asked on here and on GameFAQs, I have compiled a list of the most common ones and answered them all in one post. If there are any more that need to be added, please let me know.

    How come there are only eight tracks in this game?

    Eight circuits might not seem like a lot, but what a lot of people fail to realise is that these courses feel remarkably different depending on which speed class you are racing on. You need to adapt as you advance, making these courses feel much different as you get faster. This is also forgetting the Classic league circuits that need to be unlocked, and also the four Zone courses. There's a lot more than meets the eye.

    Classic league?

    These circuits aren't actually available at the start, they need to be unlocked by obtaining gold medals. Karbonis requires that you gain golds in all Alpha and Beta Single Races in any one class, Sagarmatha needs 25 golds, Manor Top needs 40 and Mandrashee needs 60.

    Why do the Classic tracks look so different from the others?

    This was a time issue that Studio Liverpool had to deal with from the start. In order to make the release date for the game, the Classic circuits were created in a very minimalistic style so they could be created quickly in very little time in comparison to the others. It was always in Studio Liverpool's intention to make them this way.

    Are there any extra craft that can be unlocked?

    Yes, the Medievil craft can be unlocked once you have a total of 70 golds, and the Zone craft is available once you have golds in all four Zone courses.

    Wow, the Zone/Medievil craft is so good! There's no point in using any other craf....

    STOP! Stop right there. I've heard about how uber-l33t these craft are, how you can flatten anything in your way, how you can pound any time trial thrown at you, how you can conduct Beethoven's fifth symphony while mowing the lawn. Allow me to bring one little thing to your attention. The shields on these craft are absolutely appalling. You might not think much of this, but it makes a huge difference and brings this craft way down in the rankings of the veterans. Sometimes you get lucky and the AI may be lenient or downright rubbish at shooting, but more often than not they can be very aggressive and you will spend the entire race desperately absorbing everything you can. An unlucky weapon combo can leave you crippled if it doesn't destroy you straight off. Of course, in Multiplayer against a skilled pilot, these combos won't be unlucky, they'll be well planned and executed simply because to them you are piloting a giant target. Also, five speed and five handling is actually a very bad combination. The craft will feel very jumpy and difficult to keep in a straight line. Forget slight adjustment, even a small tap will cause the craft to lurch heavily, and the airbrakes are no use either. Finally, the poor shield will restrict your ability to barrel roll. If a craft with more shield frequently barrel rolls, they will keep up with you easily and blast you away.

    If Drak or Martin wish to elaborate here, feel free.

    How do I go about unlocking...

    There's a list in my guide detailing how to unlock everything in the game. It's near the bottom in its own labelled section.

    What's this downloadable content I've heard of and how does it affect the game?

    Wipeout Pure is unique in that extra content can be downloaded from the internet and added to the game to extend its longevity. The new content consists of 12 new circuits, 4 craft, 8 menu skins and 4 music tracks. There are also several sponsored packs exclusively available for various versions. These contain sponsored craft and skins and several current circuits rebranded by the sponsor.

    How many versions of the game are there? Can I use any content with any version?

    As far as we know, five. These are Japanese, US, European, Korean and Asian. They are all completely independent of each other and as such none of the downloadable content is compatible with the versions it has not been written for. Multiplayer is also dependent on all players using the same region game.

    But I though the PSP was region-free! Why won't the packs work with other versions?

    The PSP is indeed region-free. Any PSP can play any version of the game. However, the games are NOT region-free, and as such only content designed for that version of the game will work. You can download other versions, but your game will see it as foreign content and will not read it.

    I downloaded the US content and it doesn't work! I'm using a US PSP...

    There's your problem. The content is dependent on what version of the GAME you have, not what PSP you are using. Download the content for your version of the game.

    So how do I get hold of these packs?

    See the link at the top of the thread. it used to be the case that the packs were downloadable free of charge through Sony's official in-game servers. However, these have long since been taken down and it is no longer possible to access the packs via official means.

    What about the Asian version?

    Sorry, you're out of luck. The Asian version is exempt from the downloadable content schedule and will only ever have the standard set-up available, this is why it is cheaper than other versions. Be very careful before you buy.

    Is there any way I can get other packs to work with my version of the game?

    No, and we wouldn't tell you even if there was. This would involve altering the coding of the pack, which is a copyright violation. Each region requires a unique set of packs to work with it, and so they will not work natively with other versions.

    Will <insert sponsored pack here> be released for my version?

    Depends on what SCE in your region decide and also if there are any companies want to sponsor a pack. The current sponsored packs are the WIRE05 and Coca-Cola packs, and the European version has a Puma-sponsored version of the Delta Pack with two new craft. Keep an eye on the official site for info, and please don't bug anyone on here about new stuff, it'll only irritate them.

    What is the Omega Pack?

    Omega is an exclusive pack released only for the European versions. It features four new circuits, craft and skins each designed by a professional artist. The names involved in this project were Jon Burgerman, Mark James, Neil McFarlane and Scien. There are no plans to release this pack for any other versions, so please don't bug anyone. Videos of the new circuits and craft can be found here:

    How do I change the colours of the craft? I've seen different colour schemes on the official site.

    You need to unlock Livery mode to do this by beating Flash Ascension tournament. Then press left/right on the craft select screen to change liveries.

    I'm searching for multiplayer games, but I'm not finding any. What's happening?

    Wipeout Pure is ad-hoc only. There needs to be other players near you hosting a game or searching for a game in order for it to work. You can play online using Xlink Kai, go here for details on using it:

    That's all for now, if there are any more that need adding, please let me know. Thanks guys!
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