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Thread: What is Wipeout 64?

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    Lumpster: If I'm not mistaken, a lot of Wipers would disagree with you on what you say about the quality of WO64. Also, I do not feel like WO64 had been written out of WO history. I believe it is simply not as well know as the Playstation releases, since most racing game players own a PS but no N64.
    Also, I don't think that the game had been made easier than other Wipeouts. As a matter of fact, WO64 presents one of the most difficult challenges in the WO universe. Which is why I I'm actually lucky to find the controls to be somewhat tighter than WOXL's. ;) It's still no children's game, no matter Nintendo's general target audience.

    Lance: Unfortuanatly, I never laid hands on a Dreamcast. A huge loss, yes I know. :) though I plan on buying one as soon as finances allow.
    Anyway, the problem, actually, is not so much the quality of the sticks, but the fact that I am no good at "aiming" precisely were I want with them being as small as they are and with allowing only my thumb to steer them. I just can't do that. :|
    The only game were it works OK for me is IndyCar Series. But that's because you hardly have to steer there. ;)

    Hmmm, and this is the second time in only two days I here about N-Gen. I read the game was made by Curly Monsters, is that right? If so I think I would like to have a look at it sometime soon.


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    yes! get it! one of my favourite games. yes, it was made by Nick Burcombe and colleagues. one of the best racing games in my opinion. other than the slow loading of arenas using a PSX, it plays quite well from a menu operation standpoint. and the racing itself is great fun. be prepared for pixellation when seeing the scenery close up; the areas are so huge that the PSX memory just can't hold enough for high resolution. i actually like the visual effect of this on this particular game; it makes it look like art. dynamic art. provides a visual excitement that smooth totally realistic rendering would not.
    btw, the fully modified faster aircraft can move at speeds more than 2700 miles per hour [4320 kph]. at least the Berkut can

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