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Thread: THALLIUM: Bringing back Wipeout 2048 Online

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    A few years ago a project called PSONE was announced, a revival server which brought back various PS3 games. Thing is, PSONE is barely ever maintained and, as soon as support for HD Fury was added, it was never updated again. Which means it never got proper Vita support.

    Fortunately, there's a new replacement coming. Thallium is a project by the AGRF discord community, run by ChaCheeChoo and ThatOneBonk, which intends to supercede PSONE and so far its already better in many ways.

    There are a few bugs here and there but they are being ironed out. I've had the lucky opportunity to test it for a week or two now and it's been working great.

    Thallium works on Vita, PS3, and RPCS3. What's this? Leaderboards? Working SL Ghosts? Crossplay? I'm dreaming.

    2048 online multiplayer itself (the online campaign with missions) isn't working yet, since it requires a matchmaking system that hasn't been reverse engineered as of now, but everything else is looking great.

    You can get more information about Thallium at the AGRF discord server.
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