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Thread: get REKTorized - My very first self-made AG racing game

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    Smile get REKTorized - My very first self-made AG racing game

    Hello Pilots!
    I would like to introduce you to the very first game I made all by myself and let the trailer take it from here:

    This game will be available for free on Steam!
    I would be super happy if you would add it to your Wishlist and give it a try upon release! You can also find out more about this game on the Steam page:

    Steam page

    Below the line you can find a FAQ-section with some further info about my motivations. If you have questions/thoughts/feedback, you can just reply here. I will respond happily 😊

    What is this game about in general?
    At the core, the game contains the well-known basics of AG racing: Glide, pick up goodies for protection/advantages or combat, use airbrakes and side shifting to optimize your racing line.

    There are two main topics that tell get REKTorized apart from most other AG racers:
    First off, we have a heavy focus on action, destruction, and explosions rather than the need to hit the race line pitch perfect to win. Weapons have a bit more RNG, race modes generate explosions and wrecks.

    Secondly, this game features a Story mode that consists of several chapters and several race events within those chapters. You can choose to read a bit about each story event or jump right in, but the Story will demand you to resolve unique tasks and even solve some riddles once you made some progress. It has its moments of surprises and I am curious to see who can finish it 100%.

    Once you made progress in the story, you will unlock new ships, speed classes, tracks, race modes and AI strengths. You can then fully configure your own races ranging from number of laps and AI ships to choosing which weapons will or will not spawn during the race.

    Online multiplayer is also available, read more on it below.

    And for those who do enjoy squeezing milliseconds: A race mode for just that [known as Speed Lap in WipEout] as well as online leaderboards are available, too!

    There is already BallisticNG, FlashOut, Pacer, RedOut etc. - Why another AG racer for PC?
    I started this project many years ago, while some of the mentioned games were not even released back then. Most of these games have one thing in common [which is good]: Speed!
    As a kid, I enjoyed games like Destruction Derby a lot and I wanted to create a racer that focuses more on action and explosions rather than super perfect race lines.
    So I created get REKTorized, and why not sharing the game with the great Pilots here in the forum and around the world!

    Will it only be available for Windows?
    Currently, unfortunately yes. I am working on this project all by myself and dont have enough resources to test on any other OS other than Windows.
    That said, I do not generally rule out a Mac or Linux build in the future.

    This game is completely free?
    Yes, you can download it for free on Steam and there is no need to pay anything else for progress or upgrades. Just install and enjoy!

    The game has Multiplayer?
    Yes, there is a simple Multiplayer mode included allowing you to race against a maximum of 6 other random people or host a private session with just your friends. Several race modes are available, as well as a battle arena mode.

    I will be all honest with you: You may experience glitches or desyncs [depending on your connection/distance to servers]. Like I mentioned, it is my very first self-made game so I might be a bit slow in fixing those issues.

    What happened to SlipStream GX?
    As some of you may know, I used to work on SlipStream GX, which was the very first community-led AG racing project in here starting back in 2011. I gained lots of game dev experience there. The core team of SlipStream GX is still together, and our main programmer zero3growlithe has rewritten lots of code and is actively working on the game! I am super hyped and am looking forward to what will happen to SSGX!
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