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Thread: Wipeout Fitness

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    Default Wipeout Fitness

    Something I've always thought beneficial to games is intermingling it with fitness. Lately I have noticed companies work on this. Looking back on EG-R pilots from Wipeout Fusion, they literally connected their body to their craft/ship. Not saying Wipeout needs to go that far, but consider a Wipeout with personalized ship stats that resembled a person's fitness stats.

    Things such as strength could compute weapon power, heart rate for shield, agility for agility.. It would be like having a in tune to our physiology, which would motivate to improve fitness stats. Would there be cheaters? Maybe, but cheaters would only cheat themselves. What do you guy's think? It could also just be like a side-option or something.

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    The most fitness I get with my WipEout is adding an indoor cycling trainer to my controller setup

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