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Thread: 2219 FX350 "White Purple" Incident

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    Default 2219 FX350 "White Purple" Incident

    This fan-fiction is sort of a reference to my intense hatred of the K-pop girl group, Black Pink.

    2219 White Purple Incident/Amphiseum Stampede

    Never before in the history of anti-gravity motorsports, not since the 2137 P-Mar Brawl during the F7200 era, has a violent incident erupted from within the sport. But this one was completely different, as it was caused by an unexpected external force.

    This unusual and rather bizarre, yet horrific incident was the result of overzealous, die-hard fans of a certain K-pop girl group attempting to cause a violent riot in their pursuit of trying to boycott the FX350 League and to undermine a certain song, mainly because of their perception that it was mostly the anti-gravity racing community that are spreading hate towards their group's music.

    This K-pop girl group is referred to as "White Purple" and was established in 2216. Like the group it was inspired by, it contained four members, namely "Jessie", "Louisa", "Violette" and "Sophy", and are said to reach millions of views on YouTube and datacast platforms in a matter of days.

    Coincidentally, the name of the group referenced the same colors of Qirex. Team owner and principal Feliks Levovich has since denied any support or endorsement for White Purple.

    However, the group was no stranger to backlash and scrutiny, as they are often questioned for their fanbase known as "Wink-Winks", consisting of several million people that are often stereotyped by not only the K-pop community, but also everybody in general, to be creepy, annoying, toxic and morally bankrupt, if not, borderline psychotic, to the point where people are beginning to suspect that Wink-Winks have sold their souls to them, most especially towards their leader, Jessie.

    On social media, they would often resort to "cancel culture", spread misinformation, berate anyone whose taste in music is different from theirs, wish ill on them (and perhaps other K-pop boy and girl groups or perhaps even artists outside of the genre) and blame others' misfortunes for not quote-on-quote, "stanning" them or any of the members, even as being morbid as blaming someone's death for that. In recent years, violent crime attributing to Wink-Wink culture has skyrocketed over the years.

    Recently, in March of 2219, the group released a song called "Cake", and that in the first time in the group's history, it received a lot of negative press, even as far as from critics from the music industry, both in K-pop and general musical circles, for its overall quality, singing and rhythm, even calling it "the worst song in the entire world", just like in recent times, the late G-Tech pilot, Roberto Sergio's "I'm Tasty", but despite this, the music video of said song continues to rack up millions of views, in the midst of millions others calling for White Purple to disband.

    It was leaked by an anonymous source that Wink-Winks planned to target the anti-gravity racing community, often blaming, attacking and harassing race fans for not giving credit to their favorite group, as they are the ones that take up the most traffic in video and datacast platforms. Die-hard Wink-Winks have also considered all racing teams (most notably defending champions AG Systems), all organizers, sponsors, the Race Commission and Natasha Belmondo as their enemies and proposed prey for if ever they were to launch an all-out attack, then have White Purple host a concert in one of the race venues.

    Then on July 19th, it happened. A violent protest occurred in The Amphiseum in Las Vegas, which was only the sixth round of the season, consisting of several thousand Wink-Winks causing a stampede (for reference, the Amphiseum can hold up to 120,000 people, the largest capacity of any track in the FX350's catalogue), protesting to anti-gravity race fans and global media to "start liking/stanning White Purple" and their music, especially the song "Cake". The intensity of the violence caused was both so brutal and bloody that once it got physical, the race was suspended immediately when the attack started.

    Pilots, officials from all teams and race crew were immediately evacuated, while the thousands of spectators and officials were literally running for their lives in fear. Even the police, all in riot shields, battle-ready armor and batons were no match for most of the Wink-Winks, as they even ransacked team garages and used most equipment as makeshift melee weapons. As a result, even several craft suffered severe damage (almost as if they were in an eliminated state) despite them not being raced for the time being, costing each team millions of dollars to replace them.

    An estimated 3,271 people within the vicinity, ranging from innocents, to police and any Wink-Winks that succumbed to their injuries, died in the incident with 579 more injured, claimed by clean-up, making this event one of the deadliest stampedes in history. Blood, limbs and organs literally surrounded the roads and track surfaces of the Amphiseum, as did the grandstands. Mass arrests were made to anyone identifying themselves as a Wink-Wink that day, and that the clean-up took as far as an entire month.

    It turns out that the Wink-Winks' plans massively backfired, with all four members of White Purple being investigated by South Korean authorities for their complicity in the Amphiseum massacre, as it was their fans all along who were giving them a bad name, and that most fellow K-pop boy and girl groups have accused them of being negligent of their fans' psychotic behaviors and tendencies, as well as lacking transparency.

    Numerous figures in the music industry, ranging from rock bands, to DJs, individual singers from around the world and even fellow K-pop boy and girl groups have condemned the Amphiseum stampede and expressed sadness over the lives lost that day, and called for White Purple to disband effective immediately.

    Natasha Belmondo once said in a press conference:

    "The FX350 Anti-Gravity Racing League and its racing teams stand together with the world music community in condemning this otherwise tragic and hateful event. It was a hard decision that I had to make, but I am suspending the AG Leagues until further notice until we are assured of White Purple's disbandment and most Wink-Winks turned to justice, for the safety of our fans, pilots, teams and everyone involved in our sport."

    As a result of the aftermath, the entire 2219 FX350 season was suspended, only to return the year later in 2220 when White Purple had fully disbanded, with all four members charged under negligent and reckless endangerment, and that all Wink-Winks involved in the Amphiseum stampede were fully prosecuted. For the 2220 season, Qirex were also forced to change the colors of their livery, logo and branding, as the colors white and purple were considered synonymous with the group, and have since changed it to purple and blue, evoking their F7200-era colors.

    This marked one of the most controversial tragedies in the history of the sport, rivaling that of the Temtesh Bay disaster in 2164 and the P-Mar brawl in 2137, and was the worst of its kind in the entire FX era.
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