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Thread: A couple of own re-designs to be used on my upcoming Text-Based RPG

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    Red face A couple of own re-designs to be used on my upcoming Text-Based RPG

    So, I've been working on and off in this RPG totally text-based, using just Excel, I will be posting more details and screenshots, but for now, I just wanted to share a couple of ship "skin" redesigns I had to do to fit my general idea, basically I'm planing to create a "league" that includes all 16 Teams that have appeared withing the games (that'll mean EG-X will split back to EG-r & Xios and G-Tech with come back as well), the game will be played with dices (either through videoconference or with a web dice generator, although that will depend of players and if I can make my system work with any online source. I will be happy to hear about people interested to play-test it or collaborate in any way, I'm still struggling to get Excel formulas to do all I've planned for it (basically all or most things automated to auto-sort, etc to make it as close as a videogame as possible, yeah, it tedious work.

    About the designs; The ships are obviously taken from Wipeout Omega (204 Piranha & AG-Systems, done on Photoshop "kinda" quick, I've picked those ships because first they match the Fury designs which will be the ones used for my fictional FX-500 (the whole FX350 never made any sense anyways), plus I love both ship designs and I was surprised to see they kinda resemble the original XIOS and G-TECH ships from Fusion once finished the re-designed skin, please take in count that the pictures are taking from screenshots of a YouTube video stills, plus they are meant to be reduced to a size that any detail will be invisible (less than half inch on-screen).
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