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Thread: The STINKLEROY FU Lockdown WO HD OLD Timers GG

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    Default The STINKLEROY FU Lockdown WO HD OLD Timers GG

    I've been in contact with Stinkleroy recently, and due to a pre existing health condition, she hasn't been able to be vaccinated against Covid.

    That has left her as a virtual hermit, and that is not good for the mind set.

    SO, I thought, why not get her smiling by having a old time Wipeout HD GG, like the old AVALON GG's KANAR used to organize , with the old crew [or anybody new that is reading this is welcome] that used to race online when WO HD was the go via the PS3, and we all conversed via numerous chat forums....come on, you remember those days don't you?

    The thought is, to have a Online GG that ONLY races the old WO HD/FURY tracks......nothing against 2048, but prefer we race like the old times.

    No date set as yet, need to see interest show by others to do that.

    I hadn't picked up a controller to play Wipeout in nearly 2.5 years until a week ago....gradually getting my chops back....I can beat ELITE class pretty easily on most tracks [Modesto you BASTARD], so I haven't completely lost the touch thankfully.

    Anyone interested in having one hell bang Wipeout online fest like years ago, when we had multiple rooms, and a waiting list to join, just post your interest.

    Those who used to be part of the OLD WOHD AVALON GG, Please try to get others that used to be part of it to join out for those GG, it should be a blast.

    ""Let's Be Friends"
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