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Thread: Wipeout Pulse ship skins

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    Default Wipeout Pulse ship skins

    Hi guys, sharing a post from Stephen Glennon, a member of the Wipeout Community Facebook group:

    "Just wanted to share some WipEout Pulse ship skins I've created (particularly happy with how the Supermarine Spitfire AG one turned out)

    Here's a link to my GDrive so you can download the PNGs for the skin editor

    (There's a few more in there too.... Goemon, Bubble Bobble and the Carrot Galaga car from Ridge Racer. For most of them, I've done a clean version and a dirty version)

    When I create more I'll chuck 'em in the same download folder "

    - - - Updated - - -

    I asked him about his process of creating these, this is his reply:

    "Darren Green Having the skin editor and MS Paint open at the same time so I can see the progress and make alignment adjustments

    Then use the bottom right empty panel to draw out decals in MS Paint zoomed in to the max
    (all of the ones pictured are hand drawn decals, The Bubble Bobble and Goemon ones, I used a sprite sheet for the main character decals)

    Then figure out the livery colours, stripe alignment

    Put it all together and a save a final copy as clean

    Finally back on the editor to use the spray can to add dirt, damage, etc. And save that as a dirty version

    With the Spitfire, the initial process was spraying the camo in the actual editor.... no chance I'd be able to line that up in MS Paint 😄"
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