Wow. It's been a very, very long time since I last saw this forum. So, why, you may ask, have I returned? Well, I managed to dig out my old PSVita a couple of weeks ago, and while playing WipEout Pulse, I recalled all the little backstories and fanfictions I'd written over the years for the game's lore. Particularly, I remember reading up on keg_11 and Synergy2048's 'shared universe' of sorts, and thought today, why not create my own? Inspired both by the works of those before me and the ramblings of my childhood past self, I created this spreadsheet detailing the championship winners of AG racing throughout the many years and forms it has weathered.

Championship Standings 2048-2215 (sorry, can't remember how to hyperlink)

I'll be back with some more stories from the Championships' long history, hopefully. Enjoy.