Hello dear fellow WipEout pilots
It's have been a lot, I hope you all are good specially in this damn period!

Sometimes like 2 times every 2-3 months I boot my lovely WipEout to see if there are still lobbies to race in, and yeah we know, the game is dead. But recently I missed this game and the community so much that I had an (I hope realizable) idea: to organize a tournament to bring, even if temporarily, some good pilots and to race together in a competitive way
But it will be a bit "different", this is why it is an IDEA and I'd love to discuss with all of you. Let me explain:

This won't be an individual tournament, but a team tournament. To be more specific, a tournament based on countries. Pilots will race to represent their country.
It will be a 4 vs 4 battle. So yeah, every country will have its own team. We always raced in a FFA style, but what if you had team mates in the race?
Communication is required. Think more before throwing a Quake on the track, you don't want to destroy your mates!

So this is the idea: tournament lobbies (with 8 or 12 races) where half of the tracks are chosen by both teams. At the end of the tournament, all the points accumulated by the pilots will be added to the points of the team. The team with more points, pass the round, 'till we arrive at finals.

To me this sounds fun, because you won't race individually, not anymore for yourself: you have to think and communicate with your team mates. PS4 system provides us Parties, so every team can make its own Party and communicate while they race. As I said before, do you want to throw a Quake? Ask team mates that are ahead of you if they are on low energy. Be careful at your mines and bombs, or try to be more accurate with your missiles
If a team mate is near behind you, you may let him get the weapon pad; these are just some examples on how the gameplay could change a bit.

However, there are some problems that I already thought:
4 vs 4 battle. What if more pilots want to play? This is a problem. Before all this I thought the same idea but with more mini-teams in races, like a 2 vs 2 vs 2 vs 2, but this is even worse. That's why I'm proposing a 4 vs 4. If there are more players, they can make a "little tournament" between them to decide who will be picked. I don't have any other ideas about this. On the other side, this maybe won't even happen, as I don't know if we will ever reach a minimum number of players..

HD/Fury or 2048?
Ohh good question. I have 2 ideas:
- make two tournaments for each round (so one goes for HD, one goes for 2048, but with fewer tracks of course)
- the majority of all players joining the CUP will decide if it will be played on HD or 2048. This 2nd idea is also valid for the choose of speed class, as I think making tournaments for every speed class at every round is too much (well, we could divide the numbers of tracks but I'm not sure..)

And if a player crashes while racing?
I hope this won't ever happen, but the workaround would be to re-organize the tournament starting to the next track where the unlucky player crashed. Sadly, in that specific race he will get 0 points. If he isn't able to reconnect online, a substitute could solve the problem.

Sooo, what do you think? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments. Players could also stream the tournament, if they can. I'm hoping this can bring back some players for enyoing all together a competition. I know WipEout is dead sadly, but maybe a tribute sometimes is necessary for our favourite game

Aaand, sorry for my english. I try my best as always
See you around!