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Thread: PACER Updare - Fixes news

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    Default PACER Update - Fixes news

    I thought it's time a thread like this was started, since a lot of people are wondering what's happening regarding what's being done to fix issues with the game.

    This was posted by R8 a few hours ago on 7/11/20.

    A big thank you to all of you for joining us for week one of PACER!

    Our team are continuing to work on the feedback coming through and whilst we have released Patch 1.03 this week, we also have another patch in the works, which will be landing early next week with more improvements expected across the board!

    We are very aware that a number of players are experiencing some game crashes whilst playing online on PS4 consoles and we already have a fix ready to remedy this next week.

    Additionally, we will be submitting the Xbox fixes (as well as the new patch updates and improvements) to Microsoft early next week. We don't expect the turn around time to be too long, but we currently can't give a firm date of when to expect release, but we will be updating you all as we get firm and final confirmation from Microsoft and the Xbox team.

    One more Xbox-related thing we would like to address before heading into the weekend - We have recently just finished up our first seasonal event (for Halloween) and due to the timing of the Xbox version not falling in place, this event has now passed. However, when the Xbox version launches, we will be running a time limited event where you will still be able to claim and unlock all of the same Halloween craft modifications.

    Hope you all have an incredible weekend,

    -Team R8Games

    For those on PS4 having online issues.
    Elhabib has deduced what is causing the problem and has posted a workaround until the fix lands next week....see below.

    Online is having serious problems, as I'm sure you all have experienced by now, but today we found out a very curios pattern to it and also a WORKAROUND until it is fixed.
    The problem seems to be connected to loading screens - the online lobby I was in made it impossible for everyone but the host to play two consecutive races. It would always let you do one race and then crash on the loading screen of the next race - EVERY TIME, and for every player in the lobby but the host.
    HOWEVER we found a workaround for it: after each race, if you leave the online lobby and rejoin it (while the host is waiting), it will load the next race no problem. Doing this, leaving and rejoining the lobby after every race, I was able to do 6 or 7 consecutive races, a feat I have not managed in this game so far, unless I was hosting.
    I hope this helps, and please, @Game Developer , get this **** fixed. I know you got your hands full, but this is laughable. I have never seen a game on PS4 where online is so dysfunctional. And this is a seven year old system. You're seriously hurting your userbase.
    [9:37 AM]
    I'd like to add that upon leaving the lobby after every race, I would consistently get an error code after leaving! So the issue was obviously already there, just waiting for the next loading screen, as you also get one when you leave a lobby.
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    I'm enjoying this game a lot more than i thought i would, visually it's exactly what i want from a new wipeout, it handles differently, but really well and races flow well and are fun, track design is great, day and night options are amazing...but yeah, a few bugs.

    I've noticed a lot of audio problems, the biggest is when i change some music artist options, then return to the game the d-pad randomly isn't working anymore. I play using the d-pad (old school wipeout dude) Control stick continues to work fine, then if i reset the audio options to default the d-pad control comes back. weird and annoying.

    The effect on music when you boost is odd too, it's like the music gets louder, i sort of see what they were trying but it doesn't sound great, wish that could be turned off or be fixed. The audio seems to have some odd effects or balance issues during races in general.

    During menu's the audio will also sometimes just cut out.

    Audio when collecting a pick-up or shield could do with a bit more noticeable sound effect, i always have to look at the HUD instead of knowing from the sound whether i actually got the pick up or not.

    The 3, 2, 1, Go is slightly out of synch with the voice countdown. Bit off putting.

    It doesn't have a voice announce 'Final Lap' which it absolutely should.

    Other than that, it's personal stuff, like i wish the lap counter and race position where slightly larger on screen and they lost the yellow highlights from the HUD as they stand out a bit.

    Solid release, though, absolutely worth a look if anyone needs more AG fun.

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    Would you copy and paste all this in the Pacer discord for the devs to see, please? The more people point these things out, the more likely they are to change

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    OK, doing it now.
    Was copying the conversation you had about craft specs in the new Tips thread I just started.

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    This game is an excellent successor to Wipeout!

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    Controller remapping now working on PS4 YAY!
    NOTE: D-Pad now able to be used instead of stick, also if wanting to change Air brakes to L1 R1 you need to reassign the Weapon buttons first, otherwise the option is comes up as not available

    Our team at R8 Games are incredibly happy with the feedback coming in from the community of racers playing PACER. Even so, our team are continuing to improve the game based on all the helpful feedback being sent out way across Discord and social media channels.

    Here’s a run down at our latest improvements via Patch 1.04 for PlayStation 4 and PC versions of PACER.

    Patch 1.04 Change List


    {Crash/PS4} – Fixed an issue where the video track previews could cause a crash on the campaign select menu after completing an event.
    {Crash} – Fixed an issue that would cause the Dragon Endurance race to crash if the user restarts the event.
    {Fixed} – Galaxy – 6. Stay Hidden – Fixed an issue that prevented the user from correctly using the cloak in both of the weapon slots during the race.
    {Fixed} – Galaxy – 6. Stay Hidden – Fixed an issue that stopped the time brackets from being displayed during the race.
    {Fixed} – Midas / DragonStars – Fixed an issue where the craft cosmetics were not unlocking correctly at the end of the campaigns.
    {Fixed} – DragonStars – Removed the ‘Dragon Resilience’ event from the team goals for the campaign.
    {Fixed} – Team goals for Midas and Lions teams has been fixed so that they are now fully progress-able.
    {Fixed} – Removed the Team info button when the user hasn’t signed for a team in the UI.
    {Fixed} – Fixed an issue that prevented ‘The 1%’ trophy from being awarded after all golds have been obtained.
    {Fixed} – Laika Kosmodrom – Fixed an issue that caused slowdown in the ‘Thread the Needle’ event on Base consoles.
    {Fixed} – Campaign – Rebalanced some of the team goals so overly difficult missions for the goals are no longer needed (a further update on the team goals will be coming in the next patch).
    {Fixed} – Addressed an issue where in some of the events the title would incorrectly give the user a gold medal when they hadn’t completed the requirements.

    The levels affected were:
    * Garuda – Gauss Cannon Only
    * Gagarin – Thread the Needle
    * Galaxy – Airbrake Steering
    * Galaxy – Stay Hidden
    * Lions – Explosive
    * Dragonstar – Navigational Testing


    {Crash/PS4} – UI track preview videos and in-game trackside videos have been disabled on the PlayStation build pending a permanent fix.
    {Crash/PS4} – Fixed an additional crash in the track select menu.
    {Crash} – Fixed a crash that would occur with the nano-rocket detonating at odd times.
    {Fixed} – Fixed an issue where Ram Damage was not being tracked correctly, preventing ‘Full Metal Contact’ achievement / Trophy.
    {Fixed} – Fixed an issue where restarting a race would allow the L1/R1 (LB/RB) to switch the music track.
    {Fixed} – Tracks – Freeway – Fixed an issue where some AI would consistently fail a jump during a races.
    {Fixed} – Music – Increased the number of audio channels from 32 to 64 on all systems.
    {Fixed} – Music – Rebalanced some the music in the game to give a cleaner audio experience (Note further audio rebalancing still to be done)
    (Fixed) – Fixed an issue that inverted some of the stat values in the cards in the garage – (Looking at you Heavy Ailerons).
    {Fixed} – Updated an accredited name in the Kickstarter list.
    {PC} – Fixed an issue where Gauss Cannon kills didn’t trigger the ‘Salt & Peppered’ Steam Achievement.
    {PC} – Fixed an issue where Nano Rocket Kills didn’t trigger the ‘I’m a Rocket Man’ Steam Achievement.
    {PC} – Fixed an issue where Mine kills didn’t trigger the ‘Mined Craft’ Steam Achievement.
    [7:23 AM]

    {Crash} – Fixed an issue on PlayStation builds, where rolling over multiplayer races could cause a crash.
    {Crash} – Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when entering an event.
    {Crash} – Fixed a crash that could be caused if the user entered a lobby as a spectator and allowed the game to roll over.
    {Crash} – Fixed an issue where the incorrect track video on voting lobbies could cause a crash on some systems.
    {Fixed} – Storm mode now has a weapon and collision toggle in multiplayer races.
    {PS4} – Fixed an issue where the users avatar was not displaying when joining a lobby as a spectator.


    {QOL} – PC – Video – Optimised the ‘Shadows’ option for Ultra settings, to prevent a large drop in framerate on RTX cards.
    {QOL} – Added support for key and joypad rebindings for all in-game buttons in the Settings menu.
    (QOL) – Added a warning message on Speed lap / Endurance events that the race is still in progress.
    {QOL} – Clear team goal definitions have been added to the Campaign select and the team info Screens.
    [7:23 AM]

    * Massive collision events in a race can cause a performance drop (e.g. when 5 or more craft all collide with the track walls at the same time)
    – This issue is the cause of the random frame drop as can be seen when AI collide with the track walls on some tracks.
    – This issue is more prominent when all users are on the screen at the same time

    * If the user joins a lobby having been a spectator, they will be kicked with an NE003 error message when starting their second race.
    – This issue isn’t present if the user joins the lobby normally.
    – To avoid this issue, back out and re-join the lobby once the race you are spectating has ended.

    * New Speed lap / Endurance warning message will incorrectly display for a moment at the end of a multiplayer event.

    * Due to the rebalancing of the team goals, it is possible to get a (6/5) for some team campaigns on the overview.
    – Unlocks will be awarded to the user at 5 completions.
    – This is being addressed in the next patch where improved end user tracking of the goals is being added.

    Please ENJOY!
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