I was up at 6.00am this morning watching the Sony LIVE presentation.
Once the price and release date was shown at the very end, I got to pass the info around at another forum

While I was posting [7.30am] I got several alert emails saying PS5 preorder was now up and running.
By the time I had finished my post [15 minutes once links were embedded], I got another alert that all available preorders have been filled at one vendor, and by 1.30pm all available PS5's available for pre order have been taken Australia wide.

I knew there was a small initial build being done to cover release worldwide [6 million], but I have no idea what Australia has been allocated, it would seem 100K-150K units.

Anyway, it seems demand is astronomical.

I'm happy to wait till the REAL PS5 titles are released, and take advantage of the consoles use of them, which I expect wont be till at least late 2021 / mid 2022.
The other factor stopping me being interested in the PS5 is the very low HD capacity ......It's just not worth buying with a 850GB HD.
The PS5 can be upgraded, but the HD's needed to upgrade +2TB would cost the price of a Disc version PS5....Aus $750