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Thread: DREAMS by Media Molecule, LBP's successor

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    Default DREAMS by Media Molecule, LBP's successor

    I neglected to get the BETA of this game as I didn't really understand what it was going to be like, but from reports I'm getting from other Beta testers on my friends list, this game is going to be something special.

    Basically a LBP with all the stops pulled out and being able to create worlds that can be played in VR.

    Here's the official Media Molecule Dreams site, notice in the trailer video at 1.28 that they have created a AG level that looks a lot like the N64 game Starwars Pod Racer, so after seeing that I imagine that it wouldn't be hard to see people making DREAM levels with their own take on how a AG racer might look
    [You have to be careful, many a creators LBP and Modnation levels that were Wipeout orientated were taken down after people had built them, because either Sony complained about IP infractions, or they were scared Sony would do]

    There is a forum that has started out for DREAMS called the Dreamverse, it's run by the same people that ran the LittleBigNetwork, so I would think the Power builders will be posting there for a start, so that will be good for construction tips.

    Here's a demo of the creation process in action, very LBP like, the BIG PLUS is you can also create your own music for your levels as well, with a step sequencer that's part of the game.

    All in all, this looks like a great game, something I'm looking forward to......I Imagine Stinkelroy and a few others will be getting into it as well.
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