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Thread: WipEout Omega - Epsilon 2019 Community Championship

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    Lightbulb WipEout Omega - Epsilon 2019 Community Championship (All Credit To Ewito)
    WipEout Omega - Epsilon 2019 Championship

    Epsilon 2019 - WipEout Omega Community Championship (Hosted By Ewito)
    DO WHAT OTHERS COULDN’T - 1/1/2019

    Epsilon 2019 is a community ran championship which will consist of 2 months of Competitive racing and Speed. This Championship will consist of an Offline Qualifying Event Which is where you are going to be battling it out against fellow participants to determine your Online Final. The Qualifying will Last between January 1st 2019 to January 27th 2019 and will consist of Speed Laps, Time Trials, Zones & Detonator.
    In February 2019, the Online Group Stages will take place during the weekends of this month, each weekend with different online events. All events are to be decided soon!
    The Grand Champion will Receive $20 Cash Prize.

    Depending on your final Qualifying Position, it will determine your Group Stage Final.
    Here is the List:
    1st - 8th = Platinum Final
    9th - 16th = Gold Final
    17th - 24th = Silver Final
    25th - 32nd = Bronze Final
    NOTE: Depending on total player count, the Platinum Final may not be necessary. Also, all finals will be evenly be distributed with players. For Example, if we get a total of 15 players, the Platinum Final will not exist and it’ll be 5 players per Final, 5 In Gold, 5 in Silver & 5 in Bronze. Only players in the Top Tier Group Stage Final will get the chance to win the Cash Prize.

    For Queries, please feel free to ask right here on this Thread. For All Information Including Rules, Terms & Conditions, Discord Server Link & Participation Sign Ups, Please View the Website Right here:
    You Must be in the Discord Server to Participate, so you can keep up to date with Announcements, Changes, Events & Important Information.


    Good Luck, And ‘Do What Others Couldn’t Do’

    All Credit To Ewito/Systeminspired for making this event possible! 😊😊
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