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Thread: Why 2048 is sooo unbalanced and different?

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    I don't think the game was focussed too much on multiplayer when it initially released on the Vita (wouldn't be surprised if the single player experience was prioritised over it), as indeed, there is no such thing as ship balancing in 2048, which is fine for a single player campaign I'd say, as events are tailored towards a certain ship and it means you'll explore all of them (as opposed to HD/Fury where you can complete the entire campaign, without ever trying a different ship).
    And I honestly like the new mechanics they played around with, Feisar Prototype really is a cool concept and awards consistency/lines.

    But indeed, throwing all those wildly varying ships together in multiplayer just causes problems, if the host doesn't allow you to change your ship after changing the track, you will probably be in for a rough time.
    There's no real way to balance for both though, you'll take away from the single player experience by balancing out all ships (all the prototype ships would have to be removed due to completely different mechanics & agility ships would become pointless).

    I think this is why they had voting for tracks/mode on the original 2048 for Vita, as you'd know in advance what track/game mode is coming up, allowing you to select the appropriate ship for it, in Omega, you're at mercy of the host and whether they give you time to change ships or not (provided you're paying attention and noticed the track changed).
    Don't think there's a solid approach to resolve this to be honest, not if you don't want to get rid of the new/different mechanics, which I guess is why it's the same in Omega, it wouldn't be 2048 anymore if you completely redesigned the game (doubt there was time for that either way though). I did suggest a category filter (eg speed only ships, prototype only, ...) for the host to set, but that didn't make it in (although some of the prototypes are on a level playing field for some tracks, so it would take that away as well :/)

    Touching the balancing of ships would've also meant lots of testing required and I don't think there was time for that with Omega either.

    In the end though, I still love 2048, the track design & art direction is superb! The ship handling is also a lot more interesting than HD/Fury. And racing against an equally skilled pilot in the same ship really gives you that exhilarating racing feel, unfortunately it's just hard to get a session like that with random online people.
    Every track having a certain meta ship is just a result of what makes 2048 unique/fun and I'm not sure i'd want to get rid of that just to keep it balanced.

    The only issues I have is the balancing within a certain ship category and the wacky RNG with weapon pads, both of which could be solved, but require lots of time testing. We'll just have to live with it I guess \_(ツ)_/
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