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    Yes. This is something that I actually recently worked on. I'm still checking the code and trying to find more stuff. The version that is most valuable is the November 2007 because it is so unique and different. It is more Pulse in HD rather than the PS3 version. I've found 8 different ships, Repulsor, Shuriken and Head 2 head game mode. I've also unlocked all speed classes. Only 2 tracks available though, Anulpha Pass and Chenghou Project. I'd like to share this as much as possible so that more people can find and unlock stuff. There seems to be a debug menu, at least I can see traces of it in the code but I have not been able to activate it.

    I should mention these games are quite easy to play. All that is needed is REBUG firmware. No special settings required except system language has to be set to English.
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