I've gradually built up a far sized collection of VR games, most bought whilst on one of the Xmas/Jan/Easter sales have been running at the PStore, so it hasn't been a wallet buster of a thing to do.

Apart from the Omega Pack VR version, the only other 'MUST GET' VR title IMHO is 'MOSS'..... Maybe Hustle Kings VR Pool, as that's just cool, if your into pool.

It is, like the Omega Pack VR update, what VR games should be like......it's only recently been released [I bought it in late Feb but only played it for the first time yesterday]

These most recent releases are finally showcasing just how good VR can be.....TBH everything before it has been rather Meh

MOSS is a fantastic little platform/puzzle game, sort of similar in way to what a multi leveled VR LBP single themed story would be like, but with realistic rendering rather than LBP's hotch potch of materials [ Dioramas would be the best description]....... once you get control of the character and start going through the levels you really just go WOW!, it just put a smile on your face.

It's not a overly long game, I finished it in around 5 hours, but has replay value because there is nothing else like it, plus you will probably need to play it through at least twice to get the Platinum......it's the sort of game that anybody you put a VR helmet on would be totally mesmerized with, and it needs very little in explanation on what to do, as it's all pretty self evident.

Get it, play it, you'll enjoy it.