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Thread: W.A.R. Wednesdays weekly talk show/community event

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    Default W.A.R. Wednesdays weekly talk show/community event

    W.A.R. Wednesday is a show I put together on my twitch along side the Devs/Exec. Producer @ R8Games . My co-host and I have interviews with them, pilots and others as well as discussions about upcoming content, patches and q&a with viewers. The show is followed by community races of all sorts. Clean racing, weapons, no collisions and all modes. Giveaways are a thing on occasion as well. These are on at 9pm EST every Wednesday and are always announced ahead of time on discord and other social media as well as R8. Hope to see some new pilots there for the show and maybe some races too

    Under my highlights you can catch the last 11 episodes to see what it's about.

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    I'm trying to work out when you are online.
    Currently due to daylight savings here, I 'Think' I'm at around either -11 GMT, if not, at least -10 GMT.

    I know the time difference has screwed me up when wanting to watch the NFL "Play off's" this morning..........A Old Carolina Panther fan [LONG TIME WOZ member] is going to be unhappy today .

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