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Thread: WipEout Trinity (Concept - Ca. 2007)

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    Default WipEout Trinity (Concept - Ca. 2007)

    I was dredging through my own comment history in search of something unrelated to the following, but I stumbled across a comment by Rob that mentioned WipEout Trinity, and a trailer or concept render that was created for it.
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    To me the 2048 trailer looks like the unreleased WipEout Trinity concept trailer that Lee Carus and his team put together back in early 2007. Maybe the Bladerunner-esque pouring rain & neon city drop is Lee's "director's trademark", like Michael Bay's jangling keys and slow-motion of the ensemble cast walking towards the camera?

    I'll ask him about it. Actually, I wonder if they'd ever release that WipEout Trinity concept video - the idea for the game was flawed, I think, but the rendered concept video was fantastic. To my mind it was like if Pixar chose to make a WipEout movie.
    Is this something that anyone has ever stumbled across online? The above comment makes it sound like the concept/trailer was something different than what eventually became HD/Fury (mentioned in another couple of posts by Rob that this was the working title)
    Rob, did you ever ask after the original concept trailer?
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    I'd be curious to see this, too. I should ask Lee Carus on Twitter about this after the holidays.

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    I don't know if I ever did get around to asking Lee. If I did I can't remember!

    I'll send him a message now to ask if he has it.

    //quick edit

    Yes, I had asked him and he said he'd look into it but never got back to me. Maybe this time.

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    Hey there - logged back into my very old account to try to research stuff like this. Was wondering if there was ever any more word, or if there is anyone who knows more about cancelled wipEout history?

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