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I havenít played Wipeout Omega in multiplayer until today. A few mixed reviews. The split screen vertical was perfect playing it, as far as I could see, it had great framerate, no lag, and on a large screen would look great. Online however had lag still, not just normal lag though, lag on my movements on my controller inputs, pretty much the same as HD on the PS3. This makes the game very frustrating when themovement of your ship happens way after your actual input. I dont see other games have this, as least on movement inputs. I know that I asked for a LAN mode in the past, which would fix this 100%, but was told this is a no go. A LAN option would also allow the game to be played indefinitely in multiplayer WITH YOUR OWN SCREEN, something WIPEOUT HD does not have anymore on the PS3. This can not be too difficult to add. At some point, OMEGA WILL GO OFFLINE when the ps4 ends. Please allow your fans to enjoy your game after this happens the way it is supposed to be played with a LAN option