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Thread: WipEout 2048 Pilot Archive (FEISAR)

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    Default WipEout 2048 Pilot Archive (FEISAR)

    I've decided to create new threads, separating the AGRC archive from the WipEout Pilot Archives thread. At first I didn't want to separate my post because I didn't want to have them all over the forum, but I guess since Metakraken and even Challenger #001 had done it, I don’t think the moderators won’t mind if I did for these.

    There will only be 1 post of 2 squads with 3 pilots each, making 6 pilots from each team. I hope that isn’t too much with 3-4 being the limit, but since there’re 2 alternate liveries for each craft (not counting platinum), I had to make 6. Unlike the other backstories, these ones will be short but straight forward. At least I’ll have more time creating those videos of the 2048 Campaign and using ShareFactory as my movie maker rather than my slow, less features Windows MM, I have another MM but it doesn’t work right on my PC, so ShareFactory is the best one I have for now. If only they had a WipEout OC theme, but I digress.

    Profiles/bios of original and official 2048 pilots are not canon, obviously.

    Federal European Industrial Science and Research (FEISAR)

    Squad 1 (Blue/Yellow/White)

    Lead Pilot: Paul Jackson
    SEX: Male
    Birth: (Unknown Day/Month) 2016
    Birthplace: N/A
    Zodiac: N/A
    Age: 32
    Nationality: British
    Origin: Great Britain
    Race: African
    Language(s): English
    Height: 5’9”
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Brown
    AGRC IDF: JACK234.32.32.0
    Class: FEISAR Fighter
    Rank: Professional
    Traits: Determined, Reliant, Aggressive yet Tactical.

    Bio: It has come to a surprise that FEISAR would refuse to bring out some information for one of their lead pilots competing in the AGRC. No one knows where Paul Jackson had come from other than his nationality of the UK, but it is likely that the team is keeping his information a close guarded secret for the championships, making him unpredictable for each coming season. Based on expectations beforehand, FEISAR isn’t expected to win much of the events that will take place in Nova State City. They may have the maneuverability, but considering the planned-out tracks in favor of highspeed racing, the team will fall short in top speed, based on their craft revealed at the AG-Conventions that took place in the city not long ago.

    Jackson is confirmed to be piloting a fighter class craft for the championships, but if speed is not what’s expected from this pilot, then it’s likely he’ll be an aggressor from the team lineup. The unknown information will make it kind of unsettling for other teams, but coming from FEISAR it would mostly sound underestimating when compared to what Qirex has for the championships. Still, there is sure to be some surprises as FEISAR would state before the inaugural season. They are confident that Jackson will show success, and that their other handpicked pilots will exceed the expectations overall.

    Secondary Pilot: Gordon Sinclair
    SEX: Male
    Birth: November 26th, 2021
    Birthplace: Amersham (England)
    Zodiac: Sagittarius
    Age: 27
    Nationality: British
    Origin: Great Britain
    Race: Caucasian
    Language(s): English
    Height: 5’10”
    Hair Color: Brunette
    Eye Color: Blue
    AGRC IDF: SINC316.34.1.0
    Class: FEISAR Agility
    Rank: Amateur
    Traits: Brash, Ambitious, Stubborn

    Bio: Racing traditions were a thing in automotive culture. When a family member races for one generation, another would soon follow for the next. That being said, it would appear to happen for AG-Culture for the coming generations, and that tradition will soon take off by one wealthy British pilot on the FEISAR team.

    Gordon Sinclair is known to have a family tradition dating back to the early days of automotive racing. Having grandfathers that raced in the first V4 racecars in Brooklands in the 1900s, to the first F1s in the British Grand Prix of the 1950s. His father was an F1 driver that started in the late 2000s, earning success which had accumulated from the past generations up until the AG-Revolution in the mid-late 2030s. Automotive racing was slowly becoming a thing of the past, and as a child, Sinclair’s father wanted him to take the next step into the AG-movement spreading across Europe. When Belmondo’s AG-Systems had split from the Foundation of AG-Research (FEAR) after being sold to Japan, Sinclair would still follow up by signing himself as a new test pilot at age 21, only to take training heading south into France to meet with the new Euro-Federation company now calling itself, ‘FEISAR’.

    Over that past few years, Sinclair had reached a top spot on the FEISAR Academy, earning him a spot for the upcoming AGRC in Nova State City. Since training, even after being recommended a speed class craft for the opening season, he would favor the agility class craft over the others, loving the extra maneuverability overall. Though looking to be promising for the championships, his personality would come across as being brash and arrogant, coming from the other FEISAR pilots in the lineup. It’s no surprise that his upper-class standards would make him snotty over the others, even bribing FEISAR for the extra attention as they’ll touch down in Nova State in North America. The Sinclairs have always been that way apparently, but getting over it, they’re exceptional racers throughout racing history, only to continue their tradition up to the current FX500 league in the 23rd century. Gordon Sinclair’s great (x3) granddaughter, Mariana Sinclair, would eventually be the first female in the family to compete in that era.

    Third Pilot: Ami Nakajima
    SEX: Female
    Birth: April 7th, 2024
    Birthplace: Liverpool (England)
    Zodiac: Aries
    Age: 24
    Nationality: Japan
    Origin: Great Britain / Japan
    Race: Caucasian/Asian mix
    Language(s): Japanese/English
    Height: 5’4”
    Hair Color: Platinum (Dyed)
    Eye Color: Brown
    AGRC IDF: NAKA135.23.5.3
    Class: FEISAR Speed
    Rank: Rookie
    Traits: Enthusiastic, Courageous, Self-reliant, Kind

    Bio: Perhaps the most enthusiastic from the FEISAR lineup, Ami Nakajima is one of the newest, most recent pilots to ever join with the Euro-Federation team in regards of becoming the best in the AGRC. Born British and raised Japanese, she’s a mix of both Caucasian and Asian ethnicities, making her the most unique at least from FEISAR. As a kid living in Japan, she mostly grew up around gaming, more specifically with racing arcades and VR machines visiting a local arcade in Tokyo. Because she was a preteen, she was underestimated, mostly by the older kids that would bully her from the machines, thinking she had no chance to beat them in a racing game. She would try but fail a number of times, only to drive her into getting better while saving up coins to practice even during afterhours. The results would become surprising.

    Nakajima would eventually beat her bullies in the arcades and overall became more skilled and faster as she got older. Sure enough she would get into live streaming at home, becoming a sensation up to her early 20s and getting into the AG-craze which would also change her interest. However by the mid-2040s, Nakajima would move back with her family to Liverpool UK, only to live by herself in a small apartment using the money earned over years of live streaming. Still popular overall, she continued streaming on the internet. Lucky for her she would also find a small arcade in town, but only to find this one VR machine that simulated AG-racing rather than automotive. AG-technology had already amused her back in Japan, only to get an experience firsthand and getting better at it throughout the months while also becoming famous around town. She would soon realize that if she was this good on an AG-racing sim, why not take on the real thing?

    With FEISAR the only available team in the Euro-Federation, Nakajima tracks down the company for a spot in training, only to be underestimated once again, even with an easy to handle craft. Not realizing how accurate the zone machines were considering FEISAR’s collaboration with a certain game company to develop it, she would turn out impressively in the academy using their speed class craft. The zone mode game pretty much trained her overall considering its accuracy, which would eventually become a training tool for AG-pilots in the near future. Just barely she was chosen for the AGRC in Nova State City, excited to compete and was supported by her following fanbase. Reunited with the standard speed class craft, she hopes to be the fastest throughout each season in the championships, pushing the FEISAR through its limits.

    Squad 2 (Orange/Black/White)

    Lead Pilot: Elsa Jäger
    SEX: Female
    Birth: January 12th, 2014
    Birthplace: Heidelberg (Germany)
    Zodiac: Capricorn
    Age: 34
    Nationality: German
    Origin: Germany
    Race: Caucasian
    Language(s): German / some English
    Height: 5’7”
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Blue
    AGRC IDF: JAGE115.72.65.0
    Class: FEISAR Fighter
    Rank: Professional
    Traits: Discipline, Bold, Determined, Strategic

    Bio: German pilots were hard to come by even for FEISAR as the sport would establish itself. With mostly French and British pilots being dominant of the Euro Federation team, Germany was not up to date with the new AG-tech, suffering from financial problems back in the early/mid-2020s as well as trade drops and a migrant crisis resulting the European Union collapse that same decade. Despite the AG-Revolution hitting Europe in the mid-2030s, the country couldn’t afford much of the new technology upfront, still relying on automotive transportation and slowly gaining tradeoffs with their machine and chemical exports being sent to neighboring France, conducting most of Europe’s AG-exports overall. Eventually, Germany would rise up economically in partnership of research for designated FEISAR and continued exports in the early-2040s. One of the company’s first racing academies would be established in the German mainland in Struttgart, only to be an international location for most of the continent. While most Germans still favored automotive racing in the region, there would be few that will convert over to the new technology as a sport.

    One of the few German pilots who’ll attempt to compete is former Bunderswehr lieutenant, Elsa Jager. Jager served with the forces for a good number of years, earning her rank as well as earning experience on flying drone fighter aircraft. Though mostly remote controlling drones rather than boots on the ground, she was considered an ace pilot overall without risking her life in an actual cockpit. She would become intrigued by the new AG-Technology during service, only to be handpicked for FEISAR’s fighter class research on conducting tests with their combat capabilities. This would lead her to dismiss herself in support of the company in 2045, transferring over to their only testing facility in Struttgart to test pilot their fighter prototypes using her combat skills. The only real difference to her was that she was sitting in an actual cockpit.

    Jager would conduct successful tests throughout the first few years before the Inaugural AGRC in Nova State City. Given also pilot experience on an AG-craft overall, combined with her remote flying, she would earn her spot for the Championships as a lead pilot. Much like her wingmen, she gives full discipline to her own squad in order to excel in any event. The FEISAR fighter would still be her primary choice for the AGRC, favoring combat events as her main advantage based on the craft specs provided. There’s no telling what she could do with all that firepower, but considering her kill ratio as a ground pilot, she could be proven a deadly contender from the FEISAR team in the coming seasons.

    Secondary Pilot: Sophia De La Renté
    SEX: Female
    Birth: July 24th, 2030
    Birthplace: Paris (France)
    Zodiac: Leo
    Age: 18
    Nationality: French
    Origin: France
    Race: Caucasian
    Language(s): French / Partial English
    Height: 5’10”
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Hazel
    AGRC IDF: RENT102.6.9.10
    Class: FEISAR Speed
    Rank: Amateur
    Traits: Motivated, Courageous, Independent,

    Bio: Teenage pilots were not common at the time of the AGRC era. The technology was still somewhat at an early stage, and that the league didn’t want to endanger most younger individuals, not accepting anyone under 21. With combat also being essential to events, it was risky to even allow teenage pilots overall, not until another 150 years for the JX junior division to establish a league while FEISAR will be the first to train preteen pilots during the late F9000 era. However, with the exception of Arial Tetsuo and Kate Cooper from Auricom, including Arian Tetsuo from Qirex, one teenage FEISAR pilot would become an outstanding pick for the AGRC, piloting an AG-craft when she was only 15yrs old.

    Unsurprisingly a French pilot, 18yr old, Sophia De La Rente would become FEISAR’s first prodigy pilot for the Championships. Her father was a researcher for FEAR before Belmondo’s detachment and the formation of FEISAR in 2042. He had witness the Nx1000 flight himself back in North America and was where Sophia grew interest to the technology when she was a young child, visiting her father’s workplace at home and admired the revolutionary breakthrough when it had spread across Europe.

    By the time as a teenager, Rente would become a junior assistant for the newly named FEISAR company alongside her father during development. The FEISAR speed prototype would be the first in testing for the upcoming racing championship, while the company wanted to make their craft very easy to handle as possible. So much so that they even joked that it was easy enough for a child to possibly handle, but while conducted tests were turning out successful in regards of positive feedback from their test pilots over ease of use. The possibility may not be so farfetched to them.

    Rente would volunteer to pilot a craft in regards of her love for the technology. At the age of 15, she was the only youngest involved in the company and was the only one to be picked that could possibly control the small craft. Though heavily monitored, Rente was confident that she’ll get the hang of it on the open training site in Struttgart Germany. With some surprise, she was able to fly around the open with no problems whatsoever, and in the process, she would continue on to be a voluntary test pilot for the FEISAR speed till eventually she had mastered the technology by the age of 17. When the AGRC was announced, Rente was surprisingly eligible to compete in the championships as a prodigy AG-pilot. Her father had confidence with the finished model of the FEISAR Speed, only for Rente to excel in the following seasons and earning top spots for the FEISAR team.

    She would eventually go on to be the first ever woman to fly nonstop around the world in an AG-fighter craft. Earning her place as a lead pilot for the F3600 league, 4 years after the inaugural AGRC in 2048.

    Third Pilot: Sasha Valmont
    SEX: Male
    Birth: June 3rd 2023
    Birthplace: Rouen (France)
    Zodiac: Gemini
    Age: 25
    Nationality: French
    Origin: France
    Race: Caucasian
    Language(s): French
    Height: 5’11”
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Grey
    AGRC IDF: VALM105.7.26.1
    Class: FEISAR Agility
    Rank: Rookie
    Traits: Cocky, Charismatic, Independent

    Bio: It is said that the majority of FEISAR pilots are all French, even the founder of AG himself would have the same nationality. With that said, Sasha Valmont is yet another new contender for the Euro-Federation team coming from Rouen France. Not much is known about this pilot, but it is said that he’s the brother of the team’s Miss FEISAR model, Bijou Valmont. The Missis’ of every team are the equivalent to the AG-queens of the FX eras of the AGRL from the 23rd century. The only similarity was that it was only one individual female model representing the beauty an spirit of each team and the sport overall, but unlike the AG-Queen, they were never really dancers or as popular as the pilots from the Championships, but rather they were something for spectators to look at before the race began.

    Still this was only what Valmont was known for, but given an interview during his team’s arrival in Nova State City, he was ambitious and excited to be racing for the championships, barely making it the AGRC with only a few months of pilot training at the Struttgart academy. However, his personality sounded more cocky than confidence overall, with a showing of charisma that may win over some fans in the process throughout the coming seasons. The FEISAR agility class craft was required rather than chosen, only for Valmont to rely on the craft’s extra maneuverability to get him through the first season while still getting use to the technical circuits. With not much of a history to back him up other than recognition from his sister on the sidelines, the championships will become his only proving ground to earn himself a name throughout the sport.

    Only time will tell.
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