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Thread: The JX350 "Omega" Junior League

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    Default The JX350 "Omega" Junior League

    With the release of Wipeout Omega Collection on the PS4 (along with Van-Uber and Tigron), I've decided to revisit my fan fictions to see what I can do to expand the story and do some revisions. While I discovered that some of the rivalries in the Wipeout lore are not actually canon (thanks Challenger #001 for pointing that out), my fan fictions will keep their stories set the way they are now until Infoxicated decides to write how the official events of the FX350 to FX500 play out. For now, here's a newscaster talking about the new Omega Junior League.


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    With the announcement of the FX500 “Fury” Professional Racing League, the race commission was quick to follow-up with the announcement of the JX350 Junior Racing League. Dubbed the Omega League, this junior league will be vastly different from previous junior leagues as each team have the option to undergo experimentation. Whatever it is with pilots, their FX350 ships, or sponsorships, the teams can choose to undergo these changes as long they stay within regulations. In an interview with Race Commission Steward Krystian Atkinson who is overseeing the JX350 himself, he hopes that this will give the junior leagues more exposure to the public eyes, get more pilots into the professional leagues, give teams an opportunity to show what they can do with younger pilots, and more opportunities for sponsorship. Only time will tell how this will pan out for the race commission but they hope to see great things from this newly formed experimental league.

    -Newscaster when the JX350 “Omega” Junior Racing League was announced on 11/4/2214.
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    Quite interesting. I even wrote a rewritten edition of Tigron Enterprises, since the release of the Omega Collection. Might try out Van-Uber next if I'm up for it.

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