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Thread: Attempting to create a general tier list for the HD/Fury ships

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    Lightbulb Attempting to create a general tier list for the HD/Fury ships

    Hello guys me again, so I've always wanted to make an easy way to compare the teams to one another in HD/Fury. Also with Van-Uber's and Tigron's return in omega I saw this as a opportunity to do so, I made three unofficial tier lists to see how each craft compares to one another.

    Now these lists assume a few liberties:
    -The list is based on a teams ability to acquire fast lap/race times (similar to conditions in speed lap, time trial and pure racing)
    -The competing pilots are of reasonably equal skill level
    -Speed class is not taken into consideration
    -Only the displayed stats on the selection menu are used and the hidden xml stats are not considered due to the high number of variables between ships

    To start I decided which of the 4 stats were most important to attaining the fastest possible race times, these are the following:
    -Speed is important in all racing games, the faster ship will be more likely to win, its the same in WO. Speed therefore accounts for 50% weighting of a ship's rank on the tier list.
    -Thrust is useful to regain speed from mistakes, corners and get a good start at the beginning of a race. But overall this only plays short term roles in a craft's performance and so accounts for 25% weighting of a ship's rank.
    -Handling is needed to get round circuits, higher handling means less speed is lost through corners, especially when paired with higher thrust but again does not always mean it will win the race. Again 25% weighting of a ship's rank.
    -Shield has no direct impact on race times, it also has zero benefits once you're in 1st and have a decent lead. That's why the fastest time trials always use Icaras, as such shield is not considered to be important to this list and so is a non-factor.

    Now we know the stats range from 60 - 100 in intervals of 5, that means there are 9 intervals in total from the highest and lowest value. I divided the weighting of each stat by 9 to find out how much the 5 is worth per stat (speed is worth 6.25% per 5 increase, handling & thrust is worth 3.125% per 5 increase). So for example a team with 80% speed would be 6.25 x 4 = 25%

    I did this math for all the stats for all of the 26 ships and added each stat% to get a total out of 100%
    Once the total is known I ranked them into three lists: Fury, HD and combined. For the combined list I assigned tier groups from S+ to H. (note that van-uber and tigron are balanced around the fury ships despite being HD class so I placed them into the fury list for fairer and better comparison).

    And voila the lists were born, you can now compare each craft to one another.

    As a disclaimer like I said this is not official, just something I made but has decent accuracy. Please also note that I am not saying if you fly say a HD piranha then its a bad ship. Anyone can get that thing into a top 10
    I also did not include the speed classes as they change the game dynamics drastically E.g.: In Phantom class, speed is less important so would have a lower weighting. But this would take hours to create per class and is also situational. I only wanted to compare the raw stats of each team.

    Let me know what you all think, I'm open to constructive criticisms so feel free to rip this list apart as you see fit ^^
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    Ah yeah, I saw this on the Kik chatroom. So, I joked about trying to sort according to speed classes but I gave it a little bit of thought. And as you said above, realised it'll take ages and there's a lot of situational things to consider.

    But I did notice something odd when looking at the xml stats (I saw that you didn't want to use that info for being too complex, I was just curious). Not only in the Handling section (as we already know), but also in the Thrust section, the stats we see in-game aren't 100% accurate.

    For example:
    • While you would expect a pretty consistent difference between all the ships, Goteki 45's thrust value is actually way off the charts in Venom and Flash compared to the other ships.
    • EG-X HD/Fury, Assegai Fury and AG-S HD are all rated at Thrust 90, but AG-Systems apparently has a distinctly better raw acceleration value in slower speed classes.
    • Feisar HD, Assegai HD, Mirage HD and Qirex Fury are all rated at Thrust 80. But again, Feisar and Qirex have a clearly better raw acceleration in the slower speed classes.
    • Feisar Fury and Mirage Fury are listed as Thrust 85. But their raw acceleration is occasionally identical to many Thrust 90 rated ships depending on the speed class.

    I'm not sure if the other physics scripts in the game are taking this stuff into account, they most likely are. But I just thought that the generalised Thrust stat for each ship could do with some tweaking. So I've got an image attached with the numbers to back up my reasoning, just wondering what you think of them.

    WipEout HD Revised Thrust.png

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