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Thread: Tigron Enterprises Team Profile (Rewritten Edition)

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    Default Tigron Enterprises Team Profile (Rewritten Edition)

    Tigron Enterprises (Russian Federation)

    Team Principal:

    Vladimir X ()


    "Friendly Fire" (F9000)

    The new slogan for the FX350 season is yet to be announced.


    Tigron had gained much notoriety in the F7200 seasons, infamously known for their ship's massive weight and durability. Shunned by many veteran and retired pilots alike, Vladimir X was wholly unfazed and had continued on different seasons as planned amid lawsuits regarding the ship's safety standards, including poor workplace practices with very little pay to workers. Nevertheless, they have shown a formidable force to be reckoned with, albeit with poor results.

    With their established credentials from unknown buyers from a local black market willing to pay in exchange for better upgrades for their new, beefed-up ship rolling from the assembly lines with the F9000 league rolling in. Their performance were above average prior to the Temtesh Bay incident that had halted the season altogether. But as always, they would've been bested by better pilots and the aggressor Omarr Khumala didn't showed much. Their BULL-666 ship proved too much of a tank to even make a turn despite some configurations and initial popularity among fans. Vladimir would've gotten no choice but to cut back on the hardworking workers as a result of poor performance and sponsors bailing out from contract terminations. They sought help from fans, but they had soon followed suit with jeers and boos from the high-rise stands, going as far as to toss various junk to the race track - even the ill-tempered Omarr left the team to avoid confrontation.

    Facing financial dismal and with no potential buyers in hopes to avoid a likely bankruptcy - along with Overtel cutting off the remaining funds for the failed team - is where Vladimir X had no other choice but to sought out a last resort for the FX300 league, with the BULL-5C rolling out from his last funding from the last assembly line in Moscow as Qirex were re-emerged simultaneously, also vying to win the latest league.

    Despite that Tigron did very well throughout with their best AG-racing craft, they were stopped by the Anti-Gravity Official Committee and immediately disqualifying them from further races for unspecified reasons - their hopes and dreams of becoming renowned were shattered alongside Van-Uber, founded by Wolfgang van Uber in Stuttgart, due to contract disputes. At the end of the season and being left out of the tracks, it was time for Tigron to call it quits. With no remaining money to maintain their factories, one by one, Tigron faltered.

    These were soon rumored by 'The Benefactor' from Float Nation's latest tabloids having acquired Tigron in hopes of reviving the long-forgotten team, though this was immediately dismissed with Qirex having secretly rebuilding and reviving it for the FX350 league and had sought contact with Vladimir X; they promised them significant improvements with the brand-new ship, the K-VSR, and put them to better use and continue to fund them in exchange for their old factories and the BULL-5C ships for highly-advanced military use. Reluctant at first, the aged Vladimir X utterly refused to let go of his darlings, claiming that the K-VSR was an inferior build of the BULL-5C but had soon changed his mind when his sons told him that even the unrecognized deserves to be recognized. The same is true with Van-Uber, who had made amends with the Anti-Gravity Racing Official and FEISAR having followed suit to help Helmut van Uber and earn a partnership.

    The announcement of Tigron's late arrival were of deep shock, including Auricom being utterly speechless and completely baffled from Tigron's unexpected revival. It was like a horror flick from the megaplex cinema where the dead come to life in such a decaying state, only except its Tigron back in full force. Despite their late entry alongside Van-Uber for the FX350 league, they now sport their new logo and paintjob for the new K-VSR thanks to Qirex's assets that had fully revived their fellow Russian team though for many, its still rather haunting for a team making such a late entry and an unexpected revival at the same time, including a new, redesigned logo and a whole new ship - and with such an announcement, news were all over the place from Float Nation, and is currently the #1 trend in the world on social media.

    Allies: Qirex, Goteki 45, Triakis
    Rivals: Auricom, Piranha, Icaras, Van-Uber
    Arch-Rivals: Harimau

    Searching AntiGravity Racing Archives for Subject ‘Tigron's Revival and K-VSR’

    99 Matches Found
    Opening Selected File...

    "Tigron were one of the most notorious teams since their debut in the F9000 league alongside Van-Über Racing Developments and their last appearance were the FX300 league where they would've been long forgotten. The problem was that neither of them stayed dead.

    I recently spoke with Mr. Goh En Lai of Harimau International and while he's quite enthusiastic about his recent win, he's also quite weary regarding Tigron's unexpected return and the name would seemingly haunt every single pilot who had seen and previously raced against them.

    And even with a redesigned logo and ship, the name still haunts for the many, myself included. Even their brand-new K-VSR ship is still quite a strong fighter by nature, ever since the Bull-5C were discontinued. Nevertheless, its still quite surprising for Tigron's unexpected return, with Van-Über also returning simultaneously. And was 'The Benefactor' turned out to be Vladimir X all this time? Quite the unexpected turn of events.

    Still, with their surprisingly late arrival, who knows what the K-VSR is capable of?"

    -The writer chooses to remain his/her name anonymous for the latest issue of 'Float Nation'

    Ship Details:

    "The design philosophy of the Tigron K-VSR is 'sheer brute force'. It eschews advanced tech and handling in favour of high speed and pure aggression.

    The shape and layout of the craft consists of a central chassis and cockpit with two longer outer arms that have two design functions. They allow for aggressive ramming and shunting while keeping the central chassis and pilot safe from collisions. This design feature makes the ship very heavy, hindering its acceleration and handling but does work in its favour when it reaches higher speeds, turning it into a juggernaut.

    Due to the size and weight of the craft, it needs a very large engine to push the ship to the desired speed. Having a pulse ram jet of this size proved to be highly unstable, so the design team got around this by using one large turbo pump that feeds the thrust into four smaller chambers, allowing for a safer distribution of force and also giving it its distinctive 'cluster thruster' design."

    Even with its strength completely lessened in favor of unparalleled handling and speed, the K-VSR is still proven to be a fighter and can take a single hit of even the most deadliest weapons it can take, just like the Bull-5C. Though not as strong as its predecessor, it has met and passed safety tests for it to be able to take on the daunting tracks such as the notorious Ubermall or the fan-favorite Vineta K. It wasn't without controversy where Triakis initially filed a lawsuit for the ship's design being too similar to the 'Victoria' ship, but it was soon later dismissed by Samuel McNaughton. Even if he referred the ship as a 'blatant copy of Victoria', it didn't stop the renowned Tigron to put their new ship to the test - its shield was lessened for it to be more of a semi-heavyweight than a pure heavyweight for challenging tracks, in exchange for a better thrust and handling while keeping a breakneck speed to its maximum potential.

    Originally, the Bull-5C would be reused for the FX350 events but due to it being long obsolete, it had to be entirely stripped and sold. The K-VSR is still quite a fighter in terms of brute force, even without weapons usage. A quote from a Tigron Chief Engineer mentioned after their unexpected revival:

    "Where I come from we have a saying: you cannot feed your hunger by staring at another man's plate - jealousy will only see you starve. So take a good look at the Qirex assets we acquired. Take a good look at the K-VSR... and then take a good look at yourselves."

    However, unlike the original Bull-5C, the K-VSR isn't designed to handle severe punishments due to its shield being lessened in favor of a powerful thrust and handling, thus making it just as equally as weak as Icaras' 'Sungod' ship.

    Lead Pilot - Virgil Cosmin ()

    Since the unexpected revival of Tigron Enterprises, most of the rumors were obviously dismissed from Float Nation's employees regarding the Bull-5C being brought into the mix in the FX350 league though that isn't to say that Vladimir has handpicked three, worthy pilots, who are willing to pit themselves in the cockpit of the newly-unveiled K-VSR ship. Unlike its predecessor, the new ship is also rookie-friendly but its still relatively heavy and can take a wallop though its not of Triakis-quality. With the retirement of Omarr Khumala who had left on his own accord to avoid tight tensions from fans - along with fellow pilot Sveta Kirovski - their renewed intentions are to bring in the younger or more experienced pilots to the mix.

    Virgil Cosmin had previously raced in the FX200 before being kicked out of the team for 'disorderly conduct' in post-races, and is known for having a brash, physical altercation to other teams, including his own and having displayed poor sportsmanship; he had also previously hosted an illegal hover race in Bucharest and having narrowly eluded from Romania's Special Flying Unit. Despite this, he was still the first pilot to immediately apply for Tigron and their new K-VSR though he had to undergo through numerous counseling from his past problems, including a brutal fight against his only father for his affair to his former girlfriend the previous day.

    Even with poor records, he had sought improvement and tamed Tigron's flying beast and completed a practice run without incidents. This was evident in an exhibition race in the FX350 where he claimed his very first victory, leaving other teams aghast at the sight of Tigron re-emerged with a brand-new logo and a brand-new ship that is not like the Bull-5C from the F7200, F9000 or even the FX300 leagues which would've been their last appearance alongside Van-Uber. Even the Harimau crew were left wondering why would Qirex have their assets acquired in order to make such a late appearance for the FX350 league, only without Omarr or Sveta to go for.

    Though Virgil had vastly improved in terms of his racing line, he is quite defiant to other pilots, particularly both Torogu Ukantu of Auricom - most likely being his nemesis after Virgil was called out as a 'nonexistent sh*thead flying for a nonexistent team' - and Leona Silvaris of Piranha, mentioning that she and Sibrand Van Saur should 'get married and have a messy divorce afterwards', much to Silvaris' huge disapproval. He can be quite reclusive and rather violent if anyone were to get on his bad side and the crew engineers know when to stay out of his way. But one of his noteworthy events was Virgil sending expletive messages to Harimau, including brash comments directed at their pilots, claiming their lack of will and seriousness in every season, including their secondary pilot Sekhar for 'lacking a spine'.

    This is essentially true in his first debut in the Eliminator, known to seldom use weapons but relying on the K-VSR's sheer strength (or so it seemed). While he has indeed used weapons in his first race, the ship's brute strength in the Eliminator event paid off well even with its shield lessened and earned himself third place as a result of relying on sheer force to put a dent on other ships, even scraping off their bodywork. Though much to realization, the K-VSR wasn't built to handle like a flying tank; the ship could only handle so much punishments before it would've been nearly decimated.

    He does have good terms with Qirex's Rory Pinewood and Triakis' Vincent Stephenson, who are quite supportive with Virgil amid his troubled times. The AG-racing fans are still wondering if this was a fantasy or reality coming back in full force as a result of Tigron's return, and if 'The benefactor' was merely a myth all along.

    Second Pilot - Yevgen Svyatoslav ()

    The second entry for the new and improved Tigron, Yevgen was also the second powerhouse to fill in the position, and was also a previously famed mixed-martial artist, with an outstanding number of wins and very few losses, none which were knockouts. And he was also the main factor for Eliminator events along with the lead pilot, but always puts weapon usage to good use.

    He is also the antidote of Virgil's temperamental behavior, who is shown much appreciation to fans and younger children alike, regularly giving out donations during his visit of his hometown of the technologically-advanced city of Kiev Oblast and was praised for his generous actions. He was also further welcomed by Anti-Gravity officials and gave him various rewards for his donations, but in races is where he plays it hard to get in Races and Eliminators. Zone was one of his greatest setbacks and didn't fared well in Pro Tozo, nearly blacking out on Zone 45 and Tigron had to abort the simulation for the medical team to rush in to his aid (Tigron officials had to use the Qirex zone ship as a reserve prior to the event as Tigron's ship - and Van-Uber - were not relegated for Zone, Zone Battle and Detonator events).

    As he was in his mid-thirties and had started showing signs of fatigue from long, grueling races, they're afraid of losing their pilot and this is not Tigron's time to back out now. Thankfully, Yevgen was alright as he lifted his hand in the air and gave a thumbs up as he got back up to his feet. Whether it'd be age or just pushing his body beyond normal limits, he's always willing to fly for Tigron and win the hearts of many fans.

    Third Pilot - B*ng Khánh Diệu ()

    The final addition for Tigron's spot with zero experience in flying and having no previous records from past seasons, B*ng Khánh Diệu happens to be one, major oddity for the team's unexpected revival by her parents who are overly eager to pit their inexperienced daughter to fly, even if she's as young as sixteen and being put to the big boys as to save money from ever putting her to one of the Junior Squads, much to her embarrassment.

    Nevertheless, even against her will from her parents, Tigron had happily accepted their offer and took her from Hanoi to Moscow where she would still receive training anyway; and that's from their late arrival to the FX350 league as well with their Fury variant under construction. But moreso, they needed to take it easy on her from taking on the bigger boys and go for other, younger and hard-earned veterans. She was more efficient in Time Trials and Speed Laps than in Races despite that their latest ship did withstood punishment and landing only fourth.

    The young Vietnamese woman is known for her stage fright in public and often shies away from them without being publicly humiliated. She was known for her reluctance with other male pilots and doesn't bode well with other rivals and allies alike without saying something she'll end up regretting the next day. If only she could've said no to her parents' offer but she was too helpless to have any motivation to race for the upcoming league and will end up sitting this one out, or even fly back to Hanoi and attend the Hanoi Cybernetic Institute rather than flying for the team altogether, leaving herself and her team in question. In terms with the FX350 looming over the horizon, she'll need friends to at least cheer her up if she wants to impress Tigron's chief engineers.
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