Hi All,
This is my first thread here

So a few months back I shared a link on WipEout Central (wipeout.wikia.com) to the WipEout Pure DLC (EU version). Link Here
I thought I'd share a link to the dlc here too (if thats ok) along with the same "how to use" information I posted on wikia.

If you don't want to read the text here is the link to the WipEout Pure (EU version) DLC
Original Post found on wikia:

As it can be hard to find the WipEout Pure DLC I've decide to share with those who maybe looking for it, all the DLC for Pure that I managed to download years ago. I don't know if anyone has done this before but because I'm in a helpful mood (and feeling really hyped for WipEout Omega) you can find the files Here.

The DLC is compressed into a Zip file that you can extract using what ever extraction software you have on you computer (like 7-Zip or WinRar).

Once Extracted, inorder to play them on WipEout Pure... Here is how to copy them to your consoles:


Connect to your memory by connecting your PSP/PSPGo to you computer and save the files to the following location



On the Vita its a little bit more complicated... but simple.

Firstly, if you copied the data to your PSP, just copy them to your PS3 and then to your Vita by accessing the "PS3 to PSVita > Applications > PSP Savedata"

If copying from your PC... make sure CMA (content manager) is installed and the save data folder is made on your PC and locate this folder:

PS Vita > PSAVEDATA > (folder with random leters & numbers)

Save the DLC into the folder with random leters & numbers. Next on the PS Vita, (connect it to your PC) access Content manager and copy it over by accessing the following location

Copy Content > PC to PS Vita System > Appications > Save Data > PSP™/Other

Select the correct files and copy.

You will know that the DLC is installed when you enter Single Player > Single Event > Vector/venom/flash/ect where you will see Classic 2, Delta, Gamma, Omega and exclusive.

Things to note

This is for the EU Version Only.
The file with the DLC may contain my game save and ghost data - you might need to delete it or don't copy it over if you use save slot 1.
Inorder to play the tournaments you must clear each track on Single race for each speed type (i think)
The exclusive section was something that was included when i first found the dlc years ago, it contains a single track called "Sci-fi track." I am not sure if this was an event dlc or something else.

If there are any issuse downloading the DLC i've shared here in the link, let me know ASAP and i'll do my best to help you.