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Thread: JX350 Pilot Profiles (Horus Rising (Icaras Junior Squad))

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    Default JX350 Pilot Profiles (Horus Rising (Icaras Junior Squad))

    Horus Rising (Icaras Junior Squad):

    Lead Pilot - Toiréasa Shevaun ()

    Age: 20
    Nationality: Northern Irish

    Toiréasa Shevaun was one of the three selective cadets for Horus Rising and their secret weapon to earn championship trophies for the JX350 league, after her father was a fellow Icaras Project employee himself, having trained the young woman ever since at the early age at four. She was known for enduring sheer speeds from their prototype ship prior to entering the JX250 series and had been rigorously trained nonstop. Though of course, the lass also attends the AG-Racing school at the heart of Belfast, working as a teacher to help younger generations to race like a true pro and delivers to impress.

    While many fans regarded Shevaun as 'a kind-hearted, spirited pilot for the British team', deep inside, she's as equally fierce as other veterans would, and for good reason too; she scores at least ten elimination points on previous Races even before she entered the Eliminator series, making her very easy to impress among many Icaras fans. That isn't to say she isn't as a softie as she looks. She makes other males a run for their money, especially with her exhilarating performance in tackling difficult tracks such as Talon's Junction and Modesto Heights in Makana.

    Horus Rising was pleased by this, having their advanced lessons paid off very well after reaching their first place finish int he JX200 league. However, even with her amazing performances, she's been regarded as a loner without making actual friends besides her students, workers and her own father after her mother had died from unknown complications and has a couple of enemies and rivals alike - mainly from FEISAR Study, Amazon Fury and Goteki 35 junior such as Leonel Silvaris, who claims that he should never even partake in AG-racing leagues or any other leagues, including Samuel Teodoro, who often badgers him over him being too easygoing in tough races, but often times, this has fallen to deaf ears as she had a difficult time breaking the Goteki 35 pilot.

    Although she has many fans from her homeland, Toiréasa is often swarmed by a barrage of paparazzi, always taking photographs of her secret life and going as far as to publish them all over 'Float Nation', which led to her filing a lawsuit over her private life being invaded, even claiming that it would potentially hamper her long-term career. And if this was true, her hard-earned skills can become severely hampered when the JX350 league looms over and she'll need highly-trained security personnel to keep overly-eager fans at bay if she wants to impress Icaras' junior squad.

    Second Pilot - Prëtash Tolaj ()

    Age: 15
    Nationality: Albanian

    Generally, the Icaras Project squad always had a large number of potentially young pilots and make first impressions for many, though none - if a few of them - had impressed Connor Burns and were quick to discharge them, usually out of poor performance from previous junior leagues or having simply shown lack of discipline. Tolaj was an exception and one of the chosen few to be in Horus Racing's shoes after having passed through a number of initiation tests from many different tracks, particularly in Time Trial events.

    A native of a Southeastern European nation, the young Albanian was born to a crime-riddled town just outside of the capital, having to rely on his single father after her mother went mysteriously missing that left even the best police forces baffling from an unknown event from his mother's unexplained disappearance. As a result of this, Prëtash's father had exiled with his son for their trip to a newly-founded metropolis of London after civil unrest had risen in Tirana. Amid the risk of being deported, Icaras were happy to take in Prëtash for training procedures in their headquarters of West London, a few miles from their racetrack of Talon's Junction.

    Prëtash's major flaw is his weapon usage, having such a poor aim that nearly led him to dead last from his first exhibition race. Embarrassed by this, he had to be given further evaluation tests in order to stay his place as their second pilot due to his inexperience in various races except in Time Trials, where he excelled at this to say the least. Of course, he had at least two friends who stand up for him, with the likes of Matar Elinoy of MAGEC Junior Squad and Jordan Eldershaw of Boot Camp, where they regularly race on different racetracks, mostly decommissioned ones, while also helping on improving his piloting skills. His father is currently under evaluations tests from Icaras' junior squad and is looking to see for him to work as a maintenance worker in repairing their AG-craft, namely the ‘Alaunus’.

    Third Pilot - Reinhard Ødegård ()

    Age: 22
    Nationality: Norwegian

    One of the most secretive pilots in the JX350 league, Reinhard Ødegård was an enigma by the many, usually known for his swift cornering with pure elegance, but also known for being mysterious, rarely taking interviews and even making his appearance a rarity. He was also a renowned pianist, having won many awards for pouring his emotions to a different variety of songs in mind, though that isn't to say that he isn't a pilot for Horus Rising without reason. He was known for having a five-win streak from different AG-racing tournaments that makes even hard-earned pilots look like a bunch of newbies.

    Born to a richly-endowed family in Oslo, Reinhard was a rather quiet yet well-spoken fellow, he was always referred to as a 'royal gentleman' born from his ancestors despite having no known history of racing. Though even as a skilled pianist, he is very keen of high-end technology, even having personally bought several high-tech items and possessions from different company brands, especially from Aicorp with an autonomous robot to assist his ailing grandparents from their declining health.

    While he performs with sheer excellence for Icaras' junior squad, his main favorite is none other than Zone, in which he claims that the sheer speed from each passing zones are like different keys that resonate both his mind and the ship he's controlling with. Even if he was considered as a third pilot reserve, it seems that he was already winning the hearts of AG-officials, including Connor Burns himself who was impressed enough to keep him as a permanent pilot.

    Reinhard hasn't had too many friends or rivals alike, though his appearance would've already surpassed former pilot Sibrand Van Saur; outside of races, he was seen catering to younger women, often opening cockpit doors for them, even assisting to their seats at high-end restaurants, and not even rivaling pilots would resist his pure elegance. Even if he were to be swarmed by many of them, Reinhard himself insists to keep everything orderly and well-mannered.
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