Hello you can call me Bastos
I'm gonna be 19 next friday
Even tough I was born in 1998 I have very little compassion for non-Arcade styled games
I don't know much about this Wonderfull franchise of wicked racers 'cause I ve only got to buy the Saturn version of the original on last december
But even then I've watched some reviews and stuff so I always knew this Wipeout franchise is the ****
In fact I feel sorry I didn't get to play theese games sooner as I've heard that Daytona and Sega Rally were the Saturn Racerz
Well I've got in soo love with the game just by playing the first level while humming to the awesome music
However I was really disturbed when I saw the congratulations message just withing the second day

So I've mastered the legendary wicked mother****ing Wipeout in 2 dayz
Kind off
You see It appears that the Saturn versions is easy as hell and this **** review is freekin ridiculoso
Im aware the difficulty is still no joke but if you crash into a wall in this Saturn version it's no big deal in fact sometimes is good idea to strategicly crash into the walls when the craft is going way too fast
I wish the game was harder like the Ps1 version 'cause that's one of the reasons I love Arcade Gaming
But on the other hand this Saturn version is much faster like theese AG Racers are suposed to be

So if you veterens don't mind plz explain a bit more in depth the differences between the two versions of the Games
And what do you think is the best plaiyn Wipout?
And wich do you think has the best soundtrack?
And how about Wipeout 2097 is there anything gameplay difference between the Ps1 and Sat versions?

Sorry for my shitty English