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Thread: JX350 Pilot Profiles (Goteki 35 (Goteki 45 Junior Squad))

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    Default JX350 Pilot Profiles (Goteki 35 (Goteki 45 Junior Squad))

    Goteki 35 (Goteki 45 Junior Squad)

    Lead Pilot - Samuel Teodoro ()

    Age: 18
    Nationality: Puerto Rican

    After Mai Tan-Yun had failed evaluations tests to fill in the vacant spot for Goteki 45, the Pacific team were left in sheer desperation for their replacement for their third pilot slot and had soon established their Junior Squad team in an effort for them to choose one of the three candidates in hopes to fulfill their dream of achieving gold trophies and medals. Though of course, even Keao himself can't choose on which of the selected pilots with high prodigies who are willing to pit themselves in the JX leagues. In this case, there wasn't any doubt that they had potential to secure their third slot as a whole, mainly for Goteki 45's junior squad.

    One such pilot from the Caribbean nation (backed by Auricom, Goteki 45's rival, due to it still considered a territory) would be nothing more than Samuel Teodoro, one of Goteki 35's upcoming rookie with the heart of steel. Known for regularly participating and winning five gold medals at local race tracks in San Juan, he was also the son of a lesser star who took part in AG-racing leagues yet had shown nothing to go for to cement his legacy. Interestingly enough, he also works as a maintenance worker at high-end hotels when not racing before having unexpectedly received several invitations from different junior squads. It was then he batted his eyes on the Pacific team, though a lengthy flight without anyone noticing would've been costly due to short payment fees he receives daily.

    It wasn't until he had already boarded Goteki's private hyper-jet from the island territory's only working airport and before long, he was already at Makana. Fascinated at the sight amid from suffering a jet lag, he was cordially invited by Keao Manumaleuna where he toured the Puerto Rican around the facility and its bustling cities before being offered a chance to make a name of himself. With no questions asked, Samuel happily obliged and that he will impress not just the Pacific team, but the Atlantic as well and his people and families looking on.

    Impressively, he managed to secure both wins in two exhibition races during the JX350 league in both of Goteki 45's home tracks for his precise turns with the help of airbrakes, being Modesto Heights and Ubermall, but has also shown proficiency in weapon usage, with pinpoint accuracy shots in Eliminator events, earning himself an unofficial title by the fans as 'The Man Without Fear'.

    However, as fast a learner he is, he committed an odd yet surprising mistake at the final lap of the race which was a dead heat between him and Quantax Dynamic's Helena Verstraeten when he suddenly stopped the AG-craft on a dime, despite having a seemingly large gap. Whether or not this was intentional or not - though it was later revealed that Samuel did so on purpose in a post-race interview - Goteki 45's junior squad weren't too happy for his unexpected action. Even Helena herself wasn't too happy for his intentional actions despite winning first in an unorthodox effort made by Samuel himself. He admits his liking to Quantax's Helena which was his reason he allowed her to win. Still unhappy, Helena was irritated at this, but only gave him a slap on the wrist, stating that it was nice of him to give her at least a bit of compliment but warns him to never attempt that unusual move for future events.

    While Samuel has no particular enemies especially from Horus Rising, it seems that the one pilot who often badgers him every time during an encounter would be known as Toiréasa Shevaun, often bragging about his skills being deemed too 'easygoing', yet this hasn't fazed him nor his piloting skills, though will need to break his habit once in a lifetime should he be chosen for other events. Of course, he also has one friend and good rival to date, with Marina Kirsipuu of FEISAR Study who regularly races alongside her, bearing a bit of a brother-sister relationship with Samuel being the youngest and Marina being the oldest.

    Second Pilot - Kamealoha Kaialani (Makana)

    Age: 20
    Nationality: Makanan/Native Hawaiian

    A fellow native of Makana, Kamealoha was the second candidate secretively chosen by Goteki 35 once their facilities were restored back to normal. She also bared a mirror image of Tauban Ferrai, another Makanan native and current pilot of Goteki 45. Though normally raised by foster parents in her younger days, she had been closely following the FX250 and the FX300 leagues and even studying the pilots' behaviors and from other teams as well, in particular being Goteki 45 and its junior squad associate.

    She wasn't too severely undertrained though this has yet to be seen. In her practice run in Chenghou Project, Kamealoha was able to time barrel rolls pretty well and has fair use for weapons, but doesn't always fire unless she has the right target. Oddly enough for their second pilot, she is well-endowed and muscular for a woman of her age which can rival the men's very well due to her tall structure in terms of height.

    Moreso, she had even surpassed through zone 80 in Syncopia from a simulator established by JX200 racing officials without any hesitation amid its unrelenting speed which added more to the thrill of the young Makana pilot.

    There was a small rumor that she might succeed Tauban should he retire. And Kamealoha has good terms to different pilots, such as Semrawit Amanuel of MAGEC and Florina Lenherr of Boot Camp, who often tours around the world and Makana itself.

    Third Pilot - Gražvydas Dukynas ()

    Age: 17
    Nationality: Lithuanian

    One of the lesser and slightly inexperienced pilot, Gražvydas Dukynas is somewhat of an oddity for the Pacific team. Usually silent around interviews and in post races, he does show his all-rounder skills on several events sans Detonator, Eliminator and Zone Battle. He had also frequented races in Flash classes and seldoms participates in faster ones. Nobody knows why and even Goteki 35 themselves can't figure it out though it was the result of a training accident while trying to handle the sheer speed of the 'Krakatau' prototype that crashed the wall so hard that left his legs crippled as a result, which soon rose controversy over its lack of safety measures that left the poor Lithuanian being unable to walk again, which would be the explanation for this.

    Because of this, they had no choice but to allow him to take part in only Time Trials, Speed Lap and Zone events, along with races that includes disabling weapons altogether. This was also the first time that Goteki 45 have their own disabled pilot in their unfortunate hands. Even so, Gražvydas still had a good heart and won't back out of AG-racing altogether, amid his parents fuming and unwilling to forgive Goteki 45's junior squad for nearly shattering his long-term career.

    Even surgical repairs wouldn't help restore his legs on being able to walk again and even if it were possible, not even medical experts would be able to get him back on his feet again to be able to pilot normally and it would take years before they can create cybernetic super-cells that can help restore broken bones and have him walk again. In fact, this was the first time that AG-racing officials have received their first disabled pilot for the Pacific team.

    Furthermore, Goteki 35 are currently working very hard to build their craft specifically for Gražvydas if they wish to keep their hopes high. To date, it remains unclear on whether or not their specialized craft will be finished by the time the JX350 league arrives.
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