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Thread: BallisticNG 0.5 - New and updated content, a track creator and multiplayer!

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    Default BallisticNG 0.5 - New and updated content, a track creator and multiplayer!

    Hey everyone, making this new thread for any dicussions about the new 0.5 update for the game!

    Steam -
    Non Steam -
    Wipeout 2097 20th Anniversary -

    The new stuff
    New things in the game include drag ships, a new track, updates to existing tracks and new pickups. The drag ships are currently unlocked alongside Barracuda and in the future will be unlocked through their own tournament. The new track is a remake of Cassandra from SlipstreamGX, made by Xpand himself. The primary track changes are Aciknovae and Ishtar Citadel, which have been completely remade from scratch and given a new environment design. Both are not finished and will be completed in the future.

    There are 3 new pickups - the turbo, wormhole and tremor. The turbo is exclusive to 2280 mode, the physics modifier that was introduced in the 0.4 development cycle and has been improved for 0.5. The wormhole is a pickup that you will get when you're at the back of the pack, it will teleport you to the ship in the place in front of you. The tremor is the Wipeout classic, everyone knows what this is!

    Multiplayer Information
    Multiplayer is a feature only available on the Steam version of the game. It uses Steamworks for matchmaking and lobby management. You can create both public and private lobbies! Multiplayer is currently still in beta and to access it you need to be on the unstable branch (right click in your steam library - properties - beta tab - unstable from the dropdown).

    Feedback is greatly appreciated, especially bug reports because as you can expect, there's probably going to be a few right now.

    Track Creator
    The track creator is an in-game tool that can be accessed from the modding tools section of the main menu. Once in you can see documentation for it by going to the help menu then going to the "open documentation" button. The editor is still in development and new features and fixes will be coming in the future. Right now you can only playtest your track, and of course save it. All of the offical tracks for the game are now being created with this editor, so expect it to get more powerful over time! Do share what you make with it, I'd love to see what people can do with it

    Happy 20th, Wipeout 2097!
    This updated was released bang on midnight for September 30th, the original release date for Wipeout 2097. Again this year BallisticNG is celebrating Wipeout's birthday, but this time a with more originality and no potential copyright infringment. Check the link above for the Wipeout 2097 anniversary DLC, this DLC includes two new tracks for the game that have been designed to look and feel like tracks that could have been in Wipeout 2097! To go with this, the Wipeout 2097 ships when imported into BallisticNG now control much more accuratly to their originals.

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    Awesome! I'll DL the DLC pack as soon as I get home from work!

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    Thank you for the update and the DLC for this amazing game!
    I have a little problem: after the update, my ships from WO3 disappeared! How can i do to restore them?

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    I have to say
    normally I pretend to enjoy fan games and when I have there's something wrong with it I just grit my teeth and force a smile

    I genuinely enjoy this game

    But it isn't without it's flaws

    But since this thread is for updates...

    Wormhole is op,
    you can go from 8th place to first place
    I can understand why it's there, to give a chance to players who are too far behind to win, but since wipeout has this reputation of being super hard
    I think it should teleport the player sort of.. between the 7th and 6th place players.

    Why not just call "tremor" quake?
    Sony's lawyers aren't THAT lawsuit hungry, right?

    But otherwise
    You are doing the right thing by focusing on gameplay instead of graphics
    Loving the game so far.
    ... also.. if you need any 3d modelling done, i'm available

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    Some track design comments:
    - Both new Harpstone variants have active pads on whatever track split is walled off. Was this intentional?
    - New Aciknovae would look much better as a night track. It is too drab, with dead cobalt everywhere and pretty much no artifical light sources.
    - New Ishtar Citadel is very similar to Odessa Keys (and there is the AG-SYS's Fat Cat too! ), but I think its layout is now a bit too smooth. The straights should be generally a bit shorter. OK was more punishing (even ignoring its legendary final hairpin).
    - Marina Rush is beautiful, I love its bright colours!
    - Arrivon XI is gorgeous! Valparaiso is pretty much back, and better than ever - and it is even more "tricky" now!
    - Nova Split sure is crazy! I would dread racing on it above Apex. However, the environment is lacking - it does not look like it is located near major city, more like in some quarry. Needs much more slanted/ruined buildings, or even lampposts to look more believable.

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    I see it's still an indev option but has anyone tried multiplayer? I'm itching to relive some old-time fun. What GMT times are most people available?

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    Quote Originally Posted by q_dmc12 View Post
    What GMT times are most people available?
    We had a couple multiplayer sessions this summer, they were set around 20-22h GMT+1 on Fridays or Sundays. now with school and work obligations, you'll see less of those sessions, you should go on the discord channel and maybe you'll find some opponents

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