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Thread: WipEout Pulse Goodies (DLC, Fixes, Modding, Improved A.I.)

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    Smile WipEout Pulse Goodies (DLC, Fixes, Modding, Improved A.I.)


    The only DLC for WipEout Pulse, adds the following:
    - 4 tracks (with reverse variants)
    - 4 vehicles
    - 4 campaign grids

    This DLC package works with any version of WipEout Pulse. Instructions are included.

    ADMIN EDIT - LINKS REMOVED - The DLC packs are still being sold on the Playstation Store and must NOT be distributed for free on here


    A cheat that can force the game to run at 30 FPS which is great for low end systems or it can force the menus to run at 60 FPS. The game normally runs at 30 FPS in menus and 60 FPS in-game.

    Special thanks to Kabuto_Kun for creating the cheat!




    A modding tool for WipEout Pulse. "xpert_V2.0.7z" is the tool and "" contains a plugin that allows modding of the ".wad" files for WipEout Pulse.




    A mod that improves the capabilities of the A.I. in WipEout Pulse. "Easy" A.I. is slightly easier, "Medium" A.I. is slightly harder (almost on par with the old "Hard" A.I.), and "Hard" A.I. is much harder. Since the DLC cannot be modified, the improved A.I. is only for the original 12 tracks (and reverse variants).

    WipEout developer Colin Berry said himself that he wished he made the "Easy" A.I. easier and the "Hard" A.I. harder. This mod brings his statement to fruition.

    This mod works with any version of WipEout Pulse and it's very easy to install. Instructions are included.



    And here is a video showcasing the game using PPSSPP v1.2.2:

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    You wouldn't happen to know where we could find anyone's old custom skins, would you?

    EDIT: I have uploaded a compilation of custom music, if anybody wants to listen to my favorite musician while playing WipEout.
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