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Thread: Post for others to view your FF YouTube TPP/Early Access - Videos

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    Default Post for others to view your FF YouTube TPP/Early Access - Videos

    I just thought it easier for all concerned to have this in one thread.

    It makes it easier for any lurker to the forum to find this stuff easily.

    Also, if some on the TPP or Early Access program feel there is something missing that needs to be shown, well it should be easy enough for one of us to fill the brief, so to speak, and make a video then link it.

    So far, I've seen everybody has done pretty much the same thing RE YouTube videos for FF.

    Pointless adding more unless they differed, so I have posted two FF videos so far that are different.

    First is Atlas Torres - Quick Race - in cockpit [Mad Max view] ...I always race in this view anyway .... but it should be of specific interest if anybody is considering racing FF as a VR title, because, your will certainly need to familiarize yourself with this type of racing view [If you have a TV with inbuilt 3D processing, try playing FF in cockpit view with that, you are 3/4 the way to VR ]

    Here's my YouTube video of Atlas Torres - Quick Race mode [you default to Vixen speed class when choosing Quick Race = Venom on WOHD ] - Cockpit view.....everybody Else's video's are steering the craft from behind/above.

    Here's a link to Trans Atol track
    This video has a full fly over of the track prior to starting the race.
    Again it is raced in cockpit view - 3 laps - Vixen speed class

    I just uploaded this one [give it a hour or so before it's stable -RE posting time] as this was the BIG download.
    Niagara - [It's A LONG TRACK]
    Full Fly Over of track prior to racing.
    Quick Race mode- Niagara - 3 laps - Cockpit view ...get ready for VR !!!

    Mahahatta - quick race - cockpit view.
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