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    Default BallisticNG - Mod sharing thread

    Share your mods here! To share tracks and ships you can find the appropriate .ship and .trksn files in the MyTracks and MyShips folder, to share sounds you're going to want to archive your sounds folder and share that. If you share a track then also make sure you include the .VCM file, this contains the lighting for the track.

    If you are running the Steam version of the game then all of this is handled for you, you just need to use the workshop uploader included in the mod tools.

    Steam Workshop

    Custom Ships List
    Track Editor Guide
    Ship Editor Guide

    There's also an IndieDB page here that you can upload stuff to -

    Created Mods
    Xpands' Barracuda Prototype
    Xpands' Hackers/Wipeout cover art ships
    Meg.A.Bytes' Nullcer

    Audio Packs
    GGeeks' alternative track intros
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