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Hey there Wipeout people - just thought I'd give you a quick update...(coming for PS4, PC Steam, XBO)

Table Top Racing: World Tour is almost done and there's a great preview here....


...but what I'm really thinking about is "what next?" and a VR Wipeout-style game is VERY appealing to me right now - so much you can do with that experience...
...would you want something like that to go Early Access, cross-platform play and would you trust Playrise Digital in making it? I don't think I'd want to do kickstarter...Let me know your thoughts.

Hi Nick,

I enjoy TTR for what it is but find it frankly a little unambitious. I've only played a couple hours and like it but would love a WipEout-esque game, or even an actual WipEout if you can get Sony to licence it out