Just presenting a general observation. In the form of a general ramble and investigation into Fusion's AG League, using in-game info and Pure's backstory.
Feel free to comment or suggest changes as you like, and obviously if you're not too bothered by the series lore then don't pay this too much attention.

First of all, I'll be working back from the backstory on the "Heritage" section on Pure's official website. Only a few major events in the F9000's history are known with certainty:
2156 - The F9000 commences
2162 - An activist group by the name of "AG Purity Coalition" is formed
2164 - Temtesh Bay Disaster, as the mine section collapses on the first lap of the race
2168 - Auricom withdraws
2170 - Professional AG Racing is suspended for 25 years

From many sources I've read, 2160 is supposedly the year Fusion begins - mentioned in Pure's backstory as the year the F9000 "evolved into a pyrotechnic soap opera" (how fitting).
Also, it's clear that Course 2 is the stage of the aforementioned disaster, being the only version of Temtesh Bay involving the mine section.

So the beginning point is implied (2160) and an anchor (Temtesh Bay Course 2 takes place in 2164).

I then went through the AG League mode race listing, 10 Leagues in total.
I noticed that that Course 2 appears only twice - Forward in the Lapetus League [#7] and Reverse in the Crius League [#8].
So this means either Lapetus, Crius, or even both could take place in 2164.

(I'm well aware that the "Leagues" are meant to be just a gameplay mechanic, but I'm rolling with it)

The timeline layout I've created to visualise this groups up the leagues to account for league length also, giving an average 5-7 races per year:

2160 - Chronos (3 races), Rhea (3 races) = 6 races
2161 - Oceanus (3 races), Tethys (3 races) = 6 races
2162 - Hyperion = 5 races
2163 - Themis = 5 races
2164 - Lapetus = 5 races
2165 - Crius = 5 races
2166 - Thea = 7 races
2167 - Metis = 7 races

So it appears that according to the campaign layout, the Temtesh Bay disaster takes place, "killing six pilots, entombing others for days" and according to one source, causing three pilots to withdraw from the F9000 (presumably, the nine are replaced in time for the rest of the season).
And then the year after, the mess is cleared out and officials sanction another race through a similar, if not the same mine shaft in Reverse.
(Don't ask why, it doesn't make much sense to me either...)

The interesting thing to note about this campaign layout is that Auricom is still in competition in the last playable league, conveniently their last season before they pull out under concerns for race policy.

On top of that, owing to the increasing danger involved in racing, I assume the chassis upgrades (possibly from light plating in 2160 to almost military-grade armour in 2166) are canon.
I dread to think what kind of nightmarish abominations each of the remaining teams thought up in the final years, because they were already part way towards building really fast, hovering tanks.