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4th July 2015, 11:36 AM
In order to make the guidelines more visible to members and to avoid any confusion over why registrations are being rejected, I have created a new forum specifically to display them. This forum isn't open for replies or new topics, it's just there for display purposes. Of course, if you do have any feedback after proof reading, please feel free to provide it here.

And of course, I have highlighted the one guideline that still seems to evade most of you! ;)

4th July 2015, 10:40 PM
Just a quick suggestion, but what about keeping replies to threads on topic?
Pretty much don't change the subject of the thread with another topic, make sure that all posts stay within the realm of the discussion with little deviation.

5th July 2015, 08:52 PM
Good point, added

6th July 2015, 10:14 AM
You talked a bit about moderation. What is your confidence in our moderators being alive and well? I havenít seen many of them for a while.

You also say the forums have been active for 13 years, which is true. However, if I were you Iíd say something like ďfor more than a decade (2002 more exactly)Ē so that you donít need to update ď13Ē to ď14Ē next year, then ď15Ē and so on. Trust me, this kind of updates to write every year or so is a pain.

As for the ďPlease don't quote a post immediately preceding yours!Ē I totally get the point but Iím gonna be the devilís advocate and say that you donít know if someoneís replying to the post at the same time as you. Iíve lost track of how many times I replied to a post thinking that readers would read the thread in order but ended up with another post (or more) between the question I was replying to and my answer. With that said, WipEout is a franchise that clearly lost interest over the years thus there is a much lower chance of posting simultaneously. All in all, your point is probably doable given the current context.

6th July 2015, 05:44 PM
Moderation is basically me at the moment. Everyone else has kind of moved on to other things, but activity is low enough at the moment that I can manage things on my own. Should the board pick up again in future I'll review the situation

Good point about the time period, will change that

The quoting thing is there to keep the boards tidy, it's very distracting having to read the same post twice in a row just because someone has quoted it. It's redundant. In the case you've pointed out, it's possible to edit your post and add the quote in afterwards if that happens.

6th July 2015, 10:44 PM
In the case you've pointed out, it's possible to edit your post and add the quote in afterwards if that happens.
It could be the other way around (quote by default and edit to remove quote if it wasnít needed) because itís easier to remove a quote than add one, but Iím just splitting hairs. Especially since the cases where quotes are needed happen much less frequently than cases where they are needed. TL;DR: Roger. Wilco.