View Full Version : Steam's "Big Picture" will mean you won't be tied to a PC monitor to play Fusion

10th March 2015, 09:17 AM
Since Formula Fusion is going to be released on Steam first, I wasn't really looking forward to playing it on a PC monitor to be honest.
And I didn't really want to have to move a desktop PC into the lounge room to play it either.

Now Steam has brought out "Big Picture" you'll be able to play Formula Fusion far more like we have been able to play Wipeout for all theses years.

10th March 2015, 09:39 AM
Oh goddamn it, I thought you were talking about WipEout Fusion. Oops. :brickwall

10th March 2015, 09:41 AM
Sorry, my bad, forgot to type in Formula :redface:

26th April 2015, 04:48 PM
These will help out , not sure if they'll lag though


26th April 2015, 06:28 PM
I believe you mean steam in-home remote streaming (Which is available outside of big picture mode)
I've played quite a few games over it and if your internet allows (Mostly your wifi) it work well.

That's from a i5 with a 1GB Vram card and a i7 with a 4GB Vram both streaming to a modern $250,- quad core - Acer Aspire Switch (A Tablet).
In both cases it works well if you are planning to casually play for a few hours.
However, do keep in mind that if you do get a lag spike over your wifi, your controls can cut out and crashing into a wall every so often is inevitable.

Inhome streaming can do many things well, but magically fix your LAN it can not.