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16th February 2015, 12:09 PM
Hey guys

I'd be willing to bet a lot of you are familiar with Insert Coin, a clothing company whose designs are inspired by video games. They have just announced that they have partnered with Sony to bring out a set of new ranges in the near future based on several Sony franchises old and new. And what caught my eye above all others?

Have a wild stab in the dark ;)

The stuff will be limited edition when it is released, so keep your eyes peeled. Would hate for any of you to miss out

And I'd like to extend a massive thank you to our former community manager for making this possible

From their FB Page:


We are very proud to announce that we have teamed up with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) once again to develop a whole new collection of official apparel and accessories, inspired by PlayStation (https://www.facebook.com/PlayStation) favourites.
Over the next few weeks, we will be showcasing lots of awesome designs, inspired by some of our favourite PlayStation titles - old and new.
Bloodborne, Uncharted, Lemmings, Shadow of the Colossus, The Order 1886, Journey, WipEout, Ico and the original PlayStation console itself will all be getting the Insert Coin treatment - with lots of amazing new products set to start launching later in the spring.
We'll have more news in the coming weeks, so keep 'em peeled for lots of details - and feel free to let us know what other PlayStation-owned franchises you'd like to see represented on the IC store in the future.

16th February 2015, 01:04 PM
Mild addiction to Insert coins stuff :P will deffo be keeping my eyes open for this!!! Thats just epic!!!

16th February 2015, 01:46 PM
I take 20

16th February 2015, 02:01 PM
I hope I can get my hands on these before they're out of stock :g

16th February 2015, 04:47 PM
*watching like a hawk! :eek


16th February 2015, 08:38 PM
oh my... uh, Link anyone?

Hybrid Divide
16th February 2015, 08:54 PM
Please post a link when it comes up!

Want want want!

16th February 2015, 11:48 PM
Shut up and take my money!

Although, I hope they're in my size. Too many times I've wanted to buy stuff from America, but their Small sizes (Usually the smallest size available) are waaay too big for me.

EDIT: Great, they're based in UK. At least I'll be able to buy something I can fit into! :D

17th February 2015, 09:40 AM
I'm here :hyper

18th February 2015, 09:04 PM

Is there some way to get notified as soon as they're up for sale?:hyper

Hybrid Divide
19th February 2015, 06:38 PM
Seconded! I want to be able to jump on this while I have the chance!

19th February 2015, 09:51 PM
Easiest way would be to keep an eye on their FB and Twitter, but I'll post on here as soon as we know a release date.

19th February 2015, 11:30 PM
I wonder what the actual line up for the Wipeout series will be, logos from the teams or maybe some sweet action scenes from say like a Feisar vs ag-sys.
Well until we found out, I'm excited to see what they will offer :)

19th February 2015, 11:47 PM
Hmmm, maybe I should prepare myself for when the WipEout designs actually get released.

20th February 2015, 11:06 PM
Great to see this going ahead!

On that note, I just had a quick look at Insert Coin's site and already they have Playstation 20th Anniversary gear for preorder. Good stuff!


Hybrid Divide
23rd February 2015, 03:54 PM
Can anyone post up a t-shirt US-UK size comparison chart, please?

I'm not huge, but my frame is still bigger than I'd like, and I've heard that the sizing is different enough to matter. And if I buy something, I want to make sure I can wear it! :D

Thanks in advance from across the pond.

24th February 2015, 01:47 AM
They have a sizing guide, but it requires your tape measure to be in cm: http://www.insertcoinclothing.com/sizing-guide.html

Rapier Racer
24th February 2015, 11:11 AM
Well this sounds awesome I shall be keeping an eye on that!

Former community manager of WZ? Foxy?

24th February 2015, 05:23 PM
Former Wipeout community manager - Ami :)

Hybrid Divide
24th February 2015, 05:41 PM
Former Wipeout community manager - Ami :)

Aww. That was going to be my second guess! :lol:

Awesome, good on her!

Rapier Racer
24th February 2015, 07:25 PM
Of course how could I forgot about Ami, I thought you meant here at Wipeoutzone lol

4th March 2015, 12:43 PM
So excited for this opportunity to finally get some official WipEout merch! Hopefully this is an indication that WipEout hasn't been totally forgotten by the powers that be. Got a 50p voucher ready to redeem when they go up :D

Hybrid Divide
17th March 2015, 07:55 PM
Any more news on this? When we might expect these clothes to emerge?

18th March 2015, 07:38 AM
No idea, I guess it just gets released when it does.

18th March 2015, 06:34 PM
They said later in the spring in the announcement, so I wouldn't expect anything before the end of April

23rd March 2015, 06:18 AM
Well I'm a little late, but not too late!! :D

5th June 2015, 11:12 AM
They're coming :)




5th June 2015, 03:13 PM
So so excited!!! Started saving!!! No way Im missing out on these!!!

Hybrid Divide
5th June 2015, 04:06 PM
AWESOME! Now to decisions! Obviously, FEISAR is a no brainer, but do I buy all three? It's tempting!

Do I buy an extra FEISAR one to keep next to my WipEout PurE E3 shirt? Tough call...

8th June 2015, 09:25 AM
Godamn. Just found out. WHEN? FEISAR. ALL OF THEM.

8th June 2015, 10:54 AM
They will be doing a bundle by the way in case you want all three ;)

8th June 2015, 11:14 AM
Oh that's neat! I will absolutely get that bundle in this case.

I've written to them to ask them about their printing methods, they say it depends on the designs...

And asked about an approx. release date, no reply yet hehe...

9th June 2015, 01:42 AM
This may be a bit of a stupid question, but what makes these different from any of the other Wipeout Shirts, Pullovers, ... There's quite a few out there, same logos o_O (Apart from being "official")


9th June 2015, 07:55 AM
Insert Coin actually have permission from Sony to use the IP.

9th June 2015, 07:58 AM
Oh. That's interesting. Kinda jogging Sony's memory that WipEout exists by giving them money is a good way to do exactly that :D

9th June 2015, 09:15 AM
Thanks for the update Hellfire. Do you mind me asking where you get the info from?

9th June 2015, 12:15 PM
I'm not missing out this time.

WO Coffee mugs???

9th June 2015, 06:20 PM
vincoof - IC post the majority of their news on social media, but they do have a blog (https://www.insertcoinclothing.com/blog/) as well. The bundle confirmation was via a query by Ami.

14th June 2015, 05:43 AM
Nice! I'll probably get all three as well haha.. How is everything with Ami anyway? I know I only met you two a few years back at the Wipeout convention, but I enjoyed it non the less.. Haven't heard anything since.

Edit: hmmm.. It's almost as if some want me to have an awkward silence before being ignored..

26th June 2015, 03:21 PM
Damn it's taking them a while... :p

26th June 2015, 10:52 PM
They might be waiting for 20th year anniversary at the end of september, possibly.. , maybe.., maybe not... , cuz yeah, it's been forever since i first heard this, thought i had already missed it :p

& a bit late, but thx for the info Charlie


27th June 2015, 03:12 PM
Chill - Ami's off doing her own thing now, not sure what exactly she's up to to be honest.

28th June 2015, 01:32 PM
Who's Ami?

28th June 2015, 04:42 PM
She was the community manager for Wipeout when SL was still active, and was also CM for Driveclub for a while.

29th June 2015, 02:11 AM
Ooh right, I thought it had something to do with Insert Coin, nevermind then :)

29th June 2015, 04:00 AM

I wanted piranha :(

Still no release dates :( :(

Hybrid Divide
29th June 2015, 08:09 PM
I read somewhere that they might do more teams down the line. I'd hope they'd at least finish out the first five: AG-Systems (Check), FEISAR (Check), Auricom, Qirex, and Piranha.

As a FEISAR fan, I'm already happy, but I know what you mean.

Still, let's vote with our dollars and comments!

7th July 2015, 11:11 AM
They're taking pre orders for some stuff now guys, Wipeout included!!! ^_^

Heres a link to all the Wipeout stuff!!! https://www.insertcoinclothing.com/wipeout/

7th July 2015, 11:55 AM
Those are rather espensive >.<
Are they lined with rare wipeout-onian metals or something?

Anyone know the fabric / print quality of insertcoin?


7th July 2015, 11:59 AM
They actually had to get permission from Sony I think, hence price. I have a boat load of stuff from Insert Coin. All there stuff is really high quality.

7th July 2015, 12:16 PM
Why's your £ so high?! Grrr! Guess i'll have to save up then huh? :p

Wish the sweater was a hoody though, i love my hoodies ^^


7th July 2015, 01:07 PM
Just pre-ordered the bundle!

Judging from the close-up photos though, the printing method they chose is heat pressing, which is not the best technique.

That's too bad, the designs will start crackling after a few washes...

7th July 2015, 01:45 PM
Is that me or the AG-Systems and F.E.I.S.A.R. logos are not from the “WipEout (1995)” game like they say?
You can find an history of the logos at Wipeout Central:
I expected more from a company that is considered specialized in clothing for video games.

7th July 2015, 01:48 PM
Dosnt say taken from, just "Inspired by"

Hybrid Divide
7th July 2015, 04:45 PM
Just pre-ordered the bundle!

Judging from the close-up photos though, the printing method they chose is heat pressing, which is not the best technique.

That's too bad, the designs will start crackling after a few washes...

Hard to tell from photos. Also, those shirts in the photos might be slightly lower quality mockups for show.

I've heard nothing but good things about their quality.

And I just pre-ordered everything, with an extra FEISAR shirt for safekeeping. :D

They are currently have a birthday discount for July. (Check their blog) And T-shirts are 3 for 2. This discount doesn't seem to be reflected in the bundle price, so if you order the shirts separately, you should save some money! :D

7th July 2015, 09:51 PM
IC have responded to a question on their FB post implying that if these ones sell well more may be in the pipeline

7th July 2015, 11:58 PM

Be smart, use promo code "NOWWEARE5"
Giving a hefty 20% discount!!

They're not compatible with the bundles, but depending on how many you get, the 20% can be better

Sadly the 3 for 2 offer doesn't seem to apply to the t-shirts though :/
Edit; it does work, but the 20% promo code seems to overwrite it, so, not stackable *sad panda* (Don't judge me!! It was worth a shot!! >.<)


8th July 2015, 05:53 AM
Hard to tell from photos. Also, those shirts in the photos might be slightly lower quality mockups for show.

Why would they have made close up photos then? It's actually easy to see that it's not screen printing, which is the best option for T-shirts. These designs are decals that have been heat pressed.

I'm sure the quality is good for what it is, but I'm wary of promises.

Have a look at this and you'll know what I mean: http://i.imgur.com/4T4NWE5.jpg

8th July 2015, 08:14 AM
Might i say that is one sexy shirt in your linked image :p
But yeah, also what i'm afraid of, cracking of the prints, i'm honestly not planning on wearing them and just adding them to my collection, but wanted to buy 1 extra AGS shirt to wear, and it'd be a shame f they start cracking after a couple washes


8th July 2015, 10:32 AM
Dosnt say taken from, just "Inspired by"
Which isn’t even close to be true. Mind me, the shirts looks great. Imagine if there was a tee-shirt with the picture of the young Anakin Skywalker “inspired by Star Wars Episode IV” (reminder: Anakin Skywalker was exclusively adult in Episode IV).

Might i say that is one sexy shirt in your linked image :p
That is true, but the shirt is also pretty offensive towards females. The author of the image has a point, though. I’ve screwed up many tee-shirts with the “shiny” printing even when washed inside out.

8th July 2015, 02:35 PM
For their quality, again, I have a load of stuff from them and all the print is still perfectly in tact after being worn and washed plenty. The only one that has cracked, is one that I pretty much refuse to admit Im too fat for and my lumpy body parts have stretched it all awkwardly.

Side note, I'd wear that tshirt lol

8th July 2015, 03:38 PM
It's not just about the images cracking, it's about comfort.

When I wear the Angel Grove T-shirt, the design starts sticking to my skin if I'm sweating a little bit, which makes it very uncomfortable to wear.

Whereas the shirt with the roller lady feels perfectly normal, as it's the fibres themselves that are coloured, and not just some gross sticker heat-pressed against the fabric.

That is true, but the shirt is also pretty offensive towards females.



9th July 2015, 06:49 AM
I can't wait... gonna get a piranha sample made and sent to me from Turkey :D (yeah I know a few factories)


9th July 2015, 10:58 AM
If they went to the effort to get the merchandise rights for WipEout, surely they could have designed some more interesting T-Shirts? They've kinda just lazily printed a logo on the front.

I don't think I can justify spending 45AUD on these.

9th July 2015, 01:11 PM
Oh you're in Melbourne too, cool!
I have the bundle coming here, if you want too see the clothes when I have them, I'll gladly show them to you... here's hoping that they'll still have more to sell by then.

Edit: also, if you're an artsy type, I'd be keen on discussing crafting techniques for the Feisar model I'm planning to make.

10th July 2015, 01:39 AM
If they went to the effort to get the merchandise rights for WipEout, surely they could have designed some more interesting T-Shirts? They've kinda just lazily printed a logo on the front.
Here’s the thing: we all have our expectations. Some of us would have wanted ships, or weapon icons, or on-race action, or whatever. With only 3 shirts available they couldn’t have fulfilled all expectations. With that said we don’t know yet if they’ll be making more (do we?).

10th July 2015, 10:08 AM
If these sell well there may be more

12th July 2015, 01:15 AM
I wish they had a transcendence shirt. That would be boss.

A word about WO shirts though, as long as you create the artwork yourself, you can get away with a lot more. The lines here in the US are a bit fuzzy on legality, but this site: http://www.cafepress.com/dd/48577018, is a good example. As long as the design is different enough, and words like "AG Systems" aren't used, OR if they are given away as opposed to sold, you can generally get away with more here.

13th July 2015, 12:30 PM
If they went to the effort to get the merchandise rights for WipEout, surely they could have designed some more interesting T-Shirts? They've kinda just lazily printed a logo on the front.

I don't think I can justify spending 45AUD on these.

I'm getting the bundle and whilst the price isn't as cheap as I'd like it to be, for official WipEout merch I'm afraid I'd be willing to sell an arm and a leg! I have their The Last of Us Green Firefly Hoodie and it is amazing quality, seriously good stuff, wearing it right now in fact.

Oh you're in Melbourne too, cool!
I have the bundle coming here, if you want too see the clothes when I have them, I'll gladly show them to you... here's hoping that they'll still have more to sell by then.

Woo, a third Australian! Nice to meet you, I'm in Wollongong though.

And yes, I AM a bit underwhelmed by the designs because looking at their other clothing ranges, it's clear they put in next to no effort with these, frankly. I just hope that them seeing the demand for these lets them know we're wanting to pay and the market for it is there, so that they might make more use of the IP.

9th August 2015, 07:56 AM
So. Still no news about a possible shipping date.
I won't even bother sending an e-mail at this point.

I think it's utter bullshit considering the price we paid for a preorder.
And as I'm expecting the quality to be quite medium, I think I'll just go and get myself some custom made T-shirts.

Either here: http://www.redbubble.com/shop/wipeout
Or at my local T-shirt printer.

Hybrid Divide
10th August 2015, 05:13 PM
I remember being told or reading somewhere that they'd be shipping later this month.

13th August 2015, 07:47 PM
I'm hearing that those with pre-orders are getting shipping confirmation.

14th August 2015, 12:38 PM
Oh gosh, Hellfire is hearing voices. Were you touched by the Light?

Hybrid Divide
14th August 2015, 04:10 PM
I haven't heard anything yet, but then, I'm over in the states, so maybe mine is getting processed later? Not sure. When I hear something I'll post about it here.

15th August 2015, 08:05 AM
Oh gosh, Hellfire is hearing voices. Were you touched by the Light?

Yeah, one of my lamps fell over and twatted me on the head ;)

Someone I know who also pre-ordered received a shipping notification. It'll probably be a phased thing but at least it sounds like they're starting to get them out.

21st August 2015, 03:19 AM
Still no news, but it's Australia after all, can't ask for too much.

In the meantime, I've finally put a name on the perfect printing process for T-shirts, it's called DTG = Direct to Garment.

Here's to hoping that the IC guys have heard about it!

21st August 2015, 03:43 AM
Some people have been getting them already, Ami retweeted someone who got it 4 days ago (UK person)
So they'll arrive in due time, might just take a while shipping i guess, still haven't bought em myself tbh, i don't want to burst in tears after washing them ;-;


25th August 2015, 08:13 AM
Looking at InsertCoin's site, it seems that the FEISAR T-shirt and the F3600 hoodie are now available for purchase, but the AG Systems one is still listed as pre-order. I'm willing to bet that if you're still waiting for shipping confirmation you have the AG Systems shirt in your order.

25th August 2015, 10:50 AM
Good observation 8)

31st August 2015, 10:38 PM
My FEISAR shirt arrived last week. I like the print, but it does look as though it might start to crack eventually. Hopefully just following the washing instructions should help to avoid that. I ain't complaining though - it's a comfortable shirt, not to mention official wipeout merch!

8th September 2015, 03:38 AM

Hybrid Divide
8th September 2015, 10:21 PM

There's a Seattle Retro Gaming Expo on the 19th, and I really want to wear my FEISAR shirt to the event, just to see if anybody there recognizes it!

/Would love it if said somebody was a lady... :D

9th September 2015, 05:52 PM
They have contact details. Have you tried contacting them for an update?

Ami got hers today so they are being shipped.

10th September 2015, 08:26 AM
Haven't contacted them, not my job to keep enquiring about my order really...

But I guess I'll have to, eventually.

7th October 2015, 01:02 AM
Well, as they couldn't be of any help, I cancelled my order and got a full refund.

And I'll just get the same ones (and more), but in better quality with direct to garment technology.

7th October 2015, 01:13 AM
Have you found a place that does that?
I only really found industry like thingies for big quantities, but not for commercial peeps

And sucks to hear yours never arrived :(


7th October 2015, 01:19 PM
I'm here in Aussie land and my bundle still hasn't arrived. Pretty disappointing, as I've bought a few items from them and they all came pretty speedily. Might have to email them myself :L

Hybrid Divide
7th October 2015, 03:44 PM
Mine hasn't arrived yet, either, and it's getting slightly irksome.

I may have to email them (again), myself.

8th October 2015, 02:18 AM
Yeah I've found a place in my little suburb in Melbourne. You go there with your design, they adapt it if need be and print it on a tshirt on the spot.
It's called Das Tshirt Automat. http://dastshirtautomat.com/#home

The results look amazing. I'll have mine done soon and will post pics, with close-ups of the fibers :)

2nd November 2015, 07:41 PM
Still waiting on mine, I messaged them not long back and they said in the next 7-10 days. The website still says 'late October' which has obviously past. I have to say I'm a bit disappointed about the continued wait.

Hybrid Divide
10th November 2015, 04:03 PM
Woohoo! My shirts *FINALLY* shipped! :D

Hybrid Divide
16th November 2015, 08:09 PM
Well, my shirts arrived today. And they all look quite lovely...

...There's just one slight problem...

My AG-Systems shirt isn't there!

I just sent an email to Insert Coin Clothing, and will likely get their reply tomorrow.

I'm sure it was an honest mistake. They've been really helpful in the past, so I'm sure we'll get this all sorted out.

Still, it is slightly irksome. Any other pilots have the same issue?

24th November 2015, 06:05 AM
Finally got my bundle too, still peeved at the lack-luster effort put into designing the jumper, but overall happy with the bundle. The shirts feel fantastic; smooth yet clearly rugged :)

Hybrid Divide
24th November 2015, 04:08 PM
Edit: True to their word, I got my missing AG-Systems shirt yesterday.

I haven't worn any of my WipEout shirts yet. (I may keep them unworn as part of my collection, though I did buy an extra FEISAR shirt for wearing. :D) But I did wear another shirt I bought from there: "Shadow Moses Self-Storage". I'm not the biggest Metal Gear fan, but I couldn't help but laugh when I first saw that shirt. They make some comfy shirts, that's for sure!

I'm happy with what I bought.

27th November 2015, 01:32 AM
Post photos people :D

Well I couldn't wait for IC to get their crap together and didn't want heat press stickers anyway, so here's my first attempt with direct-to-garnment shirts.

I'll be doing more in then near future, need to rework the designs to make them bigger/look better. Fortunately it isn't too expensive, as I get a good price of 30 AUD = 20 EUR = 22 USD a piece and the shirts are of excellent quality.

Downside is, it isn't official products, but I don't care :p and I can imagine as many designs as I want.

*ADMIN EDIT - over 1MB of pictures removed. 50k TOTAL limit on images per post. Either resize, use links or use the attachment system.*

27th November 2015, 03:30 AM
Nice! I can only hope that they'll be available in my awkwardly small size. Practically none of those online tshirt stores have my size, and the smallest size there would make me look like a little kid wearing his dad's awesome tshirts. XD

27th November 2015, 03:34 AM
If you ever come to Melbourne, go to Das Tshirt Automat. They make it on site in 5 minutes, and they have XS sizes too.

But if you order it'll cost you $40 a piece.

27th November 2015, 03:50 AM
Alright, awesome! I'll keep that in mind.

28th November 2015, 12:28 AM
Here are the resized photos as clickable thumbnails ;)

http://reho.st/thumb/self/0c8077183e83e4ff33400f97b0830a2907ef91f8.jpg (http://reho.st/view/self/0c8077183e83e4ff33400f97b0830a2907ef91f8.jpg)http://reho.st/thumb/self/acaa0b86eb1dcc5aa5f7638cab5ccfbcdbe09617.jpg (http://reho.st/view/self/acaa0b86eb1dcc5aa5f7638cab5ccfbcdbe09617.jpg)http://reho.st/thumb/self/f6c1de4e677fa4523ecb2683efaba41decf45deb.jpg (http://reho.st/view/self/f6c1de4e677fa4523ecb2683efaba41decf45deb.jpg)

- - - Updated - - -

http://reho.st/thumb/self/504068cf58a7774f35e5a495d3ecfc947d8ddb64.jpg (http://reho.st/view/self/504068cf58a7774f35e5a495d3ecfc947d8ddb64.jpg)http://reho.st/thumb/self/4456bfd5af0916ddba33232dc31706bd873926f4.jpg (http://reho.st/view/self/4456bfd5af0916ddba33232dc31706bd873926f4.jpg)http://reho.st/thumb/self/63001b2497d1cee694de2491c8081ac703535072.jpg (http://reho.st/view/self/63001b2497d1cee694de2491c8081ac703535072.jpg)

3rd January 2016, 09:05 PM
ATTENTION ALL: There's a huge New Year sale going on at InsertCoin, including the Wipeout items, you can save big time if you order now (And on top of the sale, there's also a 3 for 2 shirts action going)
Linky here for those interested:

Oddly enough, the combo packs don't save you money, you're better off buying them separately :p

@Adhoc Those look pretty dam sweet, unfortunately they don't have that kind of pressing around here


ps sorry to ruin the day of those who already purchased them :/

4th January 2016, 03:43 AM
Thanks Cipher, I made more WipEout T-Shirts, showing them here:

The Insert Coin news is great news. It's the price they should have been from the start...

18th January 2016, 03:04 PM
Early birthday present from RR, and I love it <3


Hybrid Divide
18th January 2016, 08:28 PM
Looking good, Knux! ^_^

29th February 2016, 01:17 PM
Given that I slightly obsess over retro t-shirts I should probably be careful with this now that there's WipEout merch on there XD! the temptation is real!! >w<

13th July 2016, 07:33 PM
Insert Coin are currently selling the Wipeout range at 70% off. Perfect time to pick one up!

13th July 2016, 07:54 PM
Holy moly! Thanks a lot, definitely buying at least one!

13th July 2016, 09:18 PM
One new shiny FEISAR shirt now on its way, £10.10 including shipping is bloody awesome!
The AG-SYS was out of stock in small sadly, was hoping to get that one as too, ah well :P

I also have a FEISAR shirt from redbubble, I am looking forward to comparing them.