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4th February 2015, 03:36 AM
I want to try to host a fictional blog, set in early 2169, created for the purpose of exposing Overtel to the world and reviving the legend of Pierre Belmondo. It will be a privet thread (on another site for more immersion) hosted by an ex-Overtel puppet with a shady past and a controversial career. By posting on the blog about things you're character thinks, knows, or does, you'll be making a small contribution to the blog as a whole.

To show that a do have the ability to create a coherent plot, I've made a backstory surrounding the host of the could be blog. If enough people show an interest, that I'll post details on the plans that I have totally made, and in know way am I not prepared.


I made an attachment because of length (it's 5 and 1/2 pages). It was made in a program that wasn't word, and I wasn't able to proof read as much as I'd have likes, so I apologize for any major problems.

BTW, I do mention original canon characters, so if something turns out to clash with the predetermined canon (I researched as much as I could, but you never know), please let me know so that I can fix it.

4th February 2015, 05:46 AM
Great! I would love to join! :D
All I need for now then seems a Pilot or a general OC in the W.E. Universe P:
Tell me more! :3

4th February 2015, 07:35 PM
Any O.C. will do, and you can make more than one (but not 50, that's just silly). They should have some reason to want to take down Overtel. I expect to see a lot of purists, but I would like to see a wide range of character types.

One more thing, before anyone goes crazy, if you want to post a backstory OOC, base it around information that's somehow public. It can be in the classic news quotes/leaked memo's found in the games instructions manuals, or a basic description, but nothing anyone else wouldn't know. (the deal with Nic Carlo's log is that it's leaked, but only viewable from her privet log.)

I really do hope to get this off the ground and running. I kind-of want to go over and add on to the backstory a bit more, but I'd rather leave doors open to inspire other characters.

4th February 2015, 11:43 PM
Wonderful! I will start on projecting at least two characters! ^^
No worries, my fantasy stops only in few ones xD

6th February 2015, 01:51 AM
If it is any help, I could get around to finish the last part of my three part entry on the F9000 on the Wipeout Chronicles (http://www.wipeoutzone.com/forum/showthread.php?8861-Wipeout-Chronicles), if you are interested in using any references from it.

6th February 2015, 03:58 AM
I just now finished with the first two parts... JUST NOW! (my n00b is showing)

I probably will take reference from your series, just so that I can have a consistent, fleshed out timeline, as opposed to "I guess this happened cause idk it makes sense". I also really want to see the rest of the entry, like, a lot...

tl;dr=very yes

8th February 2015, 04:54 PM
Any any thoughts hosting the ARG on blogspot? I would just host it here, but I want to separate OOC posts, and blogger seems like it has enough to it's interface to simulate what I'm going for. The downside is that everyone participating would probably need to get a whole now gmail, and I understand how that would be inconvenient.

I suppose I could start a new thread and have OOC posts grayed out (Ex: Your post is bad, and you should feel bad), but I don't trust people seeing this for the first time and breaking the rules without realizing. And besides, do you really want a whole other thread dedicated to the same subject?

8th February 2015, 06:39 PM
But the important is: how to organize the whole RP stuff? And what is the "Frame" to begin? Ok, is settled a year before the Great Fall, but in a RP is best if we begin with a "Once upon a time", and the RPers then "answer" by completing piece by piece the frame, right? P:

The idea OOC is very fine however! ^^

8th February 2015, 07:26 PM
FTA is in fact also a roleplay, everyone has his teams, characters (, nations...) and writes form that perspective.
Things that are not part of the story are discussed in the same thread.

8th February 2015, 11:07 PM
Really:eek? I thought Ace3000 just built off of other ideas, but still kept authors power. I admit I don't know that much about FTA (I read through relevant the pages of the "New Team" thread, and the very early parts of the story. guess I gotta read more now.), but I guess if the cool kids are doing it.

the important is: how to organize the whole RP stuff?

Really:eek, my dumb face says again? I sometimes get over obsessed with aesthetics and what make things look most hyper-realistic. I guess know one really cares. I still feel like having it on this very thread is wrong. I want to have some sort of organization with the posts, and I don't think we can do that with this one (I never actually planned ahead).

is settled a year before the Great Fall, but in a RP is best if we begin with a "Once upon a time", and the RPers then "answer" by completing piece by piece the frame, right? P:

Sorry for not making that very clear, but was the idea I was going for. We all post on the blog (which I guess is probably going to be in this website now...) about events everyones OC experienced as though they actually happened. They're not necessarily events that have been brought up before, I encourage you to make up your own, rather it be a recollection from the past or something recent that they just saw, just so long as it's interesting, and so long as every post isn't a new thing.

I really appreciate being the feedback, now I'm not as wrong and stupid. The way things look right now, every post will have OOC statements gray, and the characters' post will probably have some header that looks like it came from another site. If I did any other bad, be sure to say something so that it won't be got a bad anymore.

9th February 2015, 05:16 AM
Oh hey, looks like I get to explain things, yay!

Basically, Faster Than Angels is a narrative, it's not really a rp, even though one character is based upon myself.

9th February 2015, 04:32 PM
RP doesn't mean that you play yourself (Jonny Bovier is, the name suggests, also basing on myself, although he sometimes differs from me in many ways.), you play a role.
Everyone of us writes from one (actually two: Crinale/Pawel) perspective and rates the situation from that point.
Also, nothing is fix. You just see all the plotholes, twists and false realities written by me.

Anyway, I was just saying that OOC stuff could get posted in the same thread.
It's your topic, do what you want. Just because there is a set of rules, you won't have to follow it ^^

9th February 2015, 05:30 PM
When did I say RPing meant playing yourself? Or am I misunderstanding something. Anyway, I'll be working on a "how to post" for people to pretend to care about. After that, I'll just start the thread.

One more thing, I don't want characters to accidentally predict the future, so this will be it's own fanon. Other works might be used as reference from time to time (ie WipEout Chronicles), but the events here might not lead to "Faster than Angels" (just happens to be the example on the top off my head).

10th February 2015, 03:38 PM
You didn't said that, but Ace was like "it's no RP, only one character is basing on me" (I know this quote isn't 100% acurate, don't strip off my doctor title :P)
Actually FTA is really no RP, Ace you are right. More like a Coop-Sci-Fi-Fanfiction-Roman.

15th February 2015, 05:36 AM
At some point within the next couple of weeks or so, I will start a new thread called "Project Pure", which will be the hosting thread for this ARG/RPG. Sense the first post will have in-character material, there will be a template for creating those posts, but for now, I will post what to do when making characters and posts.

Bios are completely optional, but OOC bios must not explain things other characters should not know.
Don't be too important or famous. 2nd Pilot for a major team is a good rule of thumb for the absolute most important you can be.
There is no limit to the amount of characters you can have, but don't have too many.
Try to keep the beliefs and alterer motive's among all characters diverse. Remember; just because someone says something, doesn't mean you have to agree, or even believe them.
Creating your own events is encouraged, but keep them subtle and try to lean on the realistic side. It's the small things that pile up to create something beautiful/disastrous.
Almost anything goes when everyone is creating the story, so have a back-up plan for everything you write.
Be interesting, write good, but most importantly, have fun. If I catch anyone posting and not having fun, I will find you in real life.

See you in 2169.

25th February 2015, 09:28 PM
Using the base of @Synergy2048 Bios, here the OC for the RP "Pure Project"!

__________________________________________________ ___________________________________

Ramaela De Rosa

Name: Ramaela De Rosa

Nicknames: Lella, Rosina, "Magic Girl"


Birth: 21/3/2136

Birthplace: Panarea Island, Tirreno Sea, Italy

Zodiac: Aries

Age (Currently 2169): 33

Nationality: Italian

Language Spoken: Italian/Sicily Dialect, some English(even mixed up, the "Siculish"), Latin(able to read).

Religion: Former Christian, Wicca

Height: 1.75m, 5’7”

Hair Color: Ordinary Brunette/Light brown

Eye Color: heterochromic: left light blue, right olive green.

Occupation: Fortune-Teller

Team: None, only short Alliances around

Region Reputation: Well known in AGPC (Anti Gravity Purity Coalition) but she's mostly hided, so is Unknown; "Wanted" by Tigron and Overtel

Allies/Good relations: Myima Tsarong, Songen Grey(2160-2161, Fiancé, now anymore), Natasha Belmondo, Members of the AGPC

Rivals/Enemies: Overtel, Vladimir X and Tigron in general

Character traits:


- Independent
- Generous
- Optimistic
- Enthusiastic
- Courageous

- Moody
- Short tempered
- Self-involved
- Impulsive
- Impatient


Ramaela De Rosa born in a small island in the Tirreno Sea, there she lived mostly her childhood, surrounded by almost a magical atmosphere that only these lastest paradises on earth can give.
Only-Daughter of a modest italian family, she was however quite ambitious, wanting to study in the best schools, as in a Classic High School in Sicily, and being so very flawed.
An incident told by a fortune-teller in the town of Palermo, where she survived luckily, leads her to thinking more of her behaviour. After the recover, she decided to follows the road of the old woman and in few she discovers her great potentialities in the Divinatory Art and eventually she joined the Wicca Religion.

In 2160, she started a relation with a Van-Über Pilot, Songen Grey, at Cubiss Float, Swiss mountains, during the Chronos League.
Both were very attracted with their "mystical" attitude, and even she decided to follows him in the F9000 with the stupor of everyone. Surprisingly this passion, that was quite acclaimed well, only lasted one year or lesser as she describing it in the aftermath:

"The relationship was just at the end one-sided, and in the end our philosophies of life were indeed TOO different...and why being in love to someone who don't even stares at you directly and for real for his...how is called...Gnagnoism? Gargolism?...
Gangoism, right."

Over with this "love", she went back in Italy and back to focus more on her studies at the University in Palermo and in her esoteric subjects of her Religion.
She then quitted her studies at 27 to focus only in her "job", after her Master died.

Becoming well-known after the relationship with Grey, Overtel called her to join the F9000 as "speciality" for the Audience. She refused, but still the League was something for her quite facinating.
Only in few she saw and felt how corrupted this Sport was...

In 2164, for "fun" she did a consult to a Pilot of the F9000 League (who she decided to don't tell for how shocking that moment was and for respect of the dead) where ended up that the Pilot would eventually die for an accident. Thinking it was just a minsurestood, she didn't told to the Pilot the truth.
However, In those weeks that prediction was true, as the news of that time reported:

"On the first lap of the Temtesh Bay round of the 2164 season, the mine section of the medium course collapsed, causing the deaths of six pilots and entombing others for several days. Three pilots would later withdraw as a result. The alleged cause of the disaster was the use of high-powered missiles that recently passed the F9000 approval."

"I still can't believe I said the truth to ***, and I thought it was just a wrong interpretation..."

After this devastating event, her notoriety grew more and more in bad mostly in the Team where she predicted first the fatality; the rest kept some distances from her, apart some close friends; Overtel and even Tigron were even more afraid of her more than facinated, what would happen if she would be able to predict also their actions and tell them to the FBI or so? Two years before, in fact, in 2162, she joined the AGPC, the Anti Gravity Purity Coalition. Leaving the fact that she's not nor a fanatic nor a hater of the AG Sport, she joined them for a good sense of Justice she have and under the good words of Natasha and Tsarong, two of her that remained alive after the Disaster. With her affined Divinatory capacities she was able to tell the end of some Anti-Gravity Purity Coalition Members that sadly started to disappear in the years after, and that indeed scared the Bosses of both the corrupted Groups.
Vladimir X and the Boss of Overtel started to coalize so in finding the "magical girl" before her Profecy, told after the leaving of Auricom in 2168, encoding It as "XVI: The Tower", would be turned in a true event...

"This is just the Beginning...of the END."


-Her name Ramaela is the name of an Angel/Archangel Ramaela in fact.
The angel of Joy, Ramaela,( Ram-e-la) is a playful angel who loves to see you laugh and enjoy life in a healthy and carefree way. Laughter is contagious and I believe that is why Ramaela wants us to knows that joy and laughter are essential foods for the mind, body and spirit.

-In reality, her chest isn't this big but only a "fake one", to sensualize her aspect, they're only "pillows" to make them in a cup size around 7-8, but her natural size is 5.

-Her own Mayor Arcana is "The Magician", Card linked to her Zodiac Sign, and symbolize her energetic behaviour.

-She's almost an incapable in using and/or understanding computers or general elettronic stuff.


-http://youtu.be/9mWLig0s_9k Pendulum - Hold Your Color
-http://youtu.be/KEfA7Lr18Jo A Million Miles Away - Ulrich Schnauss

8th March 2015, 08:30 AM

Yeah, I want in on this RP. Let's do this!

Matt O'Reilly

Full Name: Matthew Nathan O'Reilly

Nicknames: Matt, Reilly

Sex: Male

Birth: February 12th, 2133

Birthplace: Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Zodiac: Aquarius

Age (Currently 2169): 36

Nationality: Australian

Language Spoken: English, Australian Accent

Religion: Atheist

Height: 1.78m, 5’10”

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Appearance: Matt is usually seen in a black suit with a dark teal waistcoat and a black open longcoat. He is almost never seen without his computer, which he carries in a briefcase. When outside, he also wears a pair of quite dark shades. His casual wear is that of a dark green zipped up hoodie, an open black jacket, black jeans, and dark red sneakers

Occupation: Data Analyst for Anti-Gravity Purity Coalition (AGPC), previously worked for Overtel.
(Data Analyst is his official role, he also is a hacker, accessing Overtel and Tigron's documents, but he doesn't do it often)

Team: N/A

Region Reputation: Moderately known in the AGPC, only medium-higher rank employees have knowledge of him, due to his previous interactions with Overtel.

Allies/Good relations: AGRC Members

Rivals/Enemies: Overtel

Character traits:




Slightly arrogant
Anti-Social (more of a distrust due to the events that occurred at Overtel.)


Born in Perth, Australia, Matt was the eldest of two children born to Katherine and Miles O'Reilly. His younger brother, Samuel, was born 2 years later. The family of four lived their whole lives in Australia.

Throughout his life, Matt was always interested in computers, and always took the IT related courses when given the choice. As he grew older, he grew interested in the data part, and studied Data Analysis in University. In 2152, he found the Overtel Corporation, who were looking for Data Analysts at the time. Without hesitating, he applied for the job, and was accepted almost immediately. It was a dream come true... almost.

Throughout the years of working for Overtel, the data Matt was asked to pull and analyze gradually became more and more sensitive. Matt himself was becoming suspicious of the data he was asked to analyze. This all climaxed in 2163, when Matt accidentally pulled data from Overtel's own servers. As he analyzed it, he realised just what he had got himself into, and had finally seen the corporation for what it was. Matt had finally opened his eyes to Overtel's corrupt existence. He discreetly copied the data onto a portable storage device, and a few days later, handed in his resignation.

On a race day a few weeks later, he was able to meet up with Natasha Belmondo, whom he showed the data he pulled from Overtel's servers. He was then offered a job at the AGPC as a Data Analyst, this time to pull data from corrupt companies servers, mainly focusing on Overtel. Matt had stated, though, that he doesn't do it to bring back the AG League to its former glory, he does it to bring down the highly corrupt Overtel Corporation.

Shortly after the Temtesh Bay disaster, Matt pulled information regarding the incident. Apparently, an unidentified FEISAR pilot was promised massive amounts of money and success if they used a Super Missile in the mine section, deliberately causing the disaster.

Theme Song: Showdown - Pendulum (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mszCJSB02_8)

11th March 2015, 11:00 AM
I feel I should post this (http://www.wipeoutzone.com/forum/album.php?albumid=405&attachmentid=9327) gem by Saramica here, it's kinda relevant and SO DAMN FUNNY! XD

17th March 2015, 12:55 PM
Over the course of 2 nights, Sara and I have been RPing our characters meeting for the first time. Since it reaches 5 pages long, I have attached it as a PDF. Enjoy! :D