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18th July 2014, 05:10 PM
I decided to log back in to get some assistance on something. I think this is the proper section. 'u`

I have drawn a fully original WipEout fan ship/team called XP Dynamics (http://s3.amazonaws.com/wyspstore/posts/139181001v3.png). It's pretty close to exactly how I want it visually. But I want a fitting backstory for the WipEout universe as opposed to shoehorning it in like bad crossover fanfiction. I'm sure a little of that can't be helped though, obviously...

I've watched Hellfire's Teams video on YouTube repeatedly, but I feel that what I'd need is all of that compiled in a very simple visual time map. If that there's any resource like that even in partial structure, I'd greatly appreciate a link! In the meantime, some suggestions on what to write are just as helpful. I'm not adept at storytelling. This isn't me asking for someone to write it FOR me, but rather just point me in the proper direction so I can do it myself. :3

To start out, you can probably see that I've tried to go for a fury class design with a bee motif. Pay no attention to the logos. It's all inside stuff that I'll fit in myself when I eventually get this situated.
So far, what I've got in my head that needs fleshing out:

-Technically a brand new team to the AG racing league (Is WipEout HD/Fury the latest in the timeline?), but due to struggles (I need to decide what) they were unable to get a craft on the circuit in time. I was thinking short on pilots, poor funding, some kind of moral dilemma, or something else entirely.
-Low thrust, high handling, medium shielding, medium speed.
-Some kind of business deal like FEISAR assisting with handling technology; feel like it should go awry, but not final yet.
-Creator (me) greatly inspired by classic arcade shooters which pushed the importance in an agile craft for dodging.
-Maybe a rivalry with another team for a believable reason besides "I don't like you". Like an enemy of FEISAR becomes an enemy of XPD due to a partnership...if that's possible.

This is all I've got for now. I'll be thinking on my own and will come up with new ideas in tangent with your responses if any are made. When I feel it's ready, I'll copy and paste the Google Drive document for a review to see how it works.

Thank you in advance! \:3/

19th July 2014, 12:38 AM
i really enjoy the idea of poor funding and mechanical struggles causing the late reveal, it still allows for a lot of freedom for the storyline as to why tha was the case

i saw the design and it looks indeed wipeout-y, but i interprete is as a ship made by enthusiasts of the racing league, as it looks kida like it's tuned with those rather exposed fuel/nitro? looking tanks on the back

myimagination goes like this;

2048 setting as it has a lot of city races
the enthusiastic team always admired them as they saw the anti gravity wipeout race ships fly by, closeby their workshop and started working on their own ship, in hopes and dreams of one day joining the wipeout racing league. Production was slow and difficult as they did not have the resources nor funding to undertake this kind of project.
But eventually, after a lot of struggles and mishaps, they managed to create a working prototype. The only real way to test t was on the race track, but due lack of sponsers, and little to no PR they failed to get officially accepted into any race events.
The team, disappointed with yet another closed door standing in front of them, breas up and leaves the craft for what it is in a small downtown hanger.
Except for one of them, he takes it upon himself to allow their ship to race and waits for a race being organised in their city.
The team of simple but passionate mechanics take the craft to a place nearby the track, cover in a sheet, hiding their creation until race day.
Whn eventually that time comes, they wait to admire those anti gravity ships fly by one last time, before admiring and believing in their own projeect, one of the mechanics who is actually also a real good driver with amazing reflexes taks it upon him to pilot their poorly tested and dangerous prototype. Hopping on the track after all ships had passed by, he/she starts racing the other pilots, starting from last place, but rapidly moving up ahead, swiftly passing other ships thanks to its grea manoeuvreability.
All chaos breaking lose in the official pit, but the crowd and fellow wipeout enthusiastic followers losing their mind over this amazing never before seen spectacle, their ship takes second place, going past the halfway point of the final lap, the pilot struggles to take first place, although neck on neck, the remaining part of the track is just too narrow to pass by the ship in 1st place.
The pilot decides to let their ship's qualities shine, making a very risky move, he/she goes off the track, in attempts to cut the final corner before the finish line! Flying off, he/she barely lands their ship on a flat roof located on the inside of the corner, obstructed by a massive racing league advertising billboard the crowd looks in awe from the finnish line, their sight hindered by the billboard. *pause for dramatic effect* suddenly, the ship flies straight through the billboard, and lands back on the track, heavily shifting left and right, fighting hard to keep control! The pilot, with his/her reflexes, combined with the ship's splendid manoeuvreability, manage to stay on the track, straightening out and blasting across the finnish line leaving everyone stunned at this amazing display of skill and mehanical engineering!!!
*crowd stunned pause* The crowd jumps up, cheering and screaming ofexcitement!

I might've gone a little wild there, but that's what i see :)


ps sorry for any spelling mistakes, typed from my vita ;)

19th July 2014, 03:32 AM
Holy ****. Thanks!
I'll keep some of your ideas and tweak some things as I see fit. Good stuff! Thank you for taking the trouble to type that, especially on a Vita. Good lord.

19th July 2014, 03:57 AM
Aww, you're welcome ^^
it was my pleasure as i got to play an enjoyable visual intrpretation of that in my head ;)

feel free to adjust, remoe, add or expand to your liking, hope it helps :)


19th July 2014, 04:20 AM
I have drawn a fully original WipEout fan ship/team called XP Dynamics (http://s3.amazonaws.com/wyspstore/posts/139181001v3.png).

I can't help but think that you used the Pokémon Zygarde (http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/3/3a/718Zygarde.png) for inspiration and design cues, I see so many similarities! :D

In any case, it looks really good!

20th July 2014, 10:36 PM
Wow, so there actually is a timeline for WipEout in exactly the sort of format I need. Wow...this league was around for a long time.


OK! So I typed it up. I decided to just go with it's starting before it actually raced. Make it seem like you'd find out how it did in the game. :3

Lemme just paste it....

"Founded by a man mysteriously only referred to as XP, XP Dynamics is a relatively new company that was established in the year 2203. Their intentions did not originally include AG racing as they merely provided custom body kits for commercial vehicles to moderate success. Being a large enthusiast of high octane entertainment growing up, XP made the decision to create a competing craft for the AG racing league. The XP Dynamics racecraft went into development within 3 months and was completed in Q4 2205 in time for the following year’s FX350 tournament. The craft was designed to strike audiences and press with a more relatable urban appeal using the company’s own body shop.

However, what XPD soon discovered is that entering the tournament would be a far more difficult task. Pilots frequently declined offers to race for the team claiming that there were better opportunities with trusted, long established teams such as AG Systems and Auricom R&D. PR was also against them as many claimed the craft was childish in design and not at all professional in appearance for an event of this stature. Couple the lack of pilots and poor PR with fleeting funds and XPD was literally out of their league. They would find themselves sitting out of the FX350…

After the FX350, the president of XPD received a letter from FEISAR seeking a partnership after hearing about their misfortune. FEISAR was in the midst of testing a new handling technology they had been developing since 2201 but needed to see how it would perform in a live race. Not wanting to sacrifice a tournament of course, they offered XPD volunteer pilots for their craft and financial compensation even if XPD lost the tournament. All in exchange for demonstrating their prototype handling technology in the upcoming FX400 tournament. This also worked favorably for XP as he always had a philosophy for agility but never had the funds to truly realize it in the teams craft. FEISAR is known for excelling in high handling crafts and they were practically handing them the technology.

It was an opportunity for the craft to receive a positive spotlight working alongside the coveted FEISAR. The deal was accepted and XP Dynamics entered the FX400 Anti-Gravity Racing League in 2207 as an official AG team."

21st July 2014, 12:33 AM
Woah, your name is XoPachi and the teams name is XP Dynamics, founded by someone calles XP.
Illuminati stuff XD