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16th July 2003, 12:14 AM
Hi all. Have been lurking here for a while, whilst attempting to find a copy of SE in a local store. Found it on Friday 11th. Played for a bit, took a while to get used to on the PS1 (after unsuccessful attempts on the PC version of 2097). Now sat on the record boards (vector only so far, only so much spare time!) hovering just outside the top ten for most tracks, and actually in it on a few. OMG! does this mean I picked the game up quickly, or is it just that there aren't many players using the board?

BTW, can anyone tell me what the recommended PC spec is for the D3D version of 2097? My P2-350 runs it quite quickly, although playable, but even 3SE Pirhanas on PS drive like tractors in comparison!

By this time next week, I hope to be firmly in the top tens on all tracks (not protos, haven't unlocked them all yet).

Is there any chance at all that I could ever get good enough to mathc those guys that have been playing since the game came out so many years ago? I probably won't play Fusion until 2005, so want to plan accordingly for then!

16th July 2003, 04:55 AM
hi. with practice, you may be able to put pressure on just about anybody but Al Sartwell. alien intervention may be required to defeat him. the results tables for the Special Edition are newer than the others, but also, there are relatively few who compete on it. that is beginning to change over the last couple of months. things are picking up for SE.
welcome to the forums.


16th July 2003, 03:33 PM
welcome, blacksheep! (^o^)/
so u never had wo b4?!! no problems - u picked up the bEst of them All! (^_^)b
4get about fusion it's like a car game without wheels ..
lance is right - if u look at the TT(time trial) tables on many trax there r not a full 10playes ..
but top5 looks pretty tight anyway! (((( (m^_^)m