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25th April 2014, 11:08 PM
Before we start, the title: First of all, I hope I spelled everything right. Secoundly, I just didn't found a fitting name :P
Thirdly, a Vortex is a aerodynamical effect used for example in Formula 1. It's a stream of air directly under the bottomplate or something.

During this Fanfiction I'll write normally short stories about a character from the respective era of AG racing.
I also plan to create some "PR stuff", mainly starter lists for the current season, so you know who'll appear :).
For special events (normally races) I'll try to
write longer stories, maybe without a "man character"

And if you have ideas, detect a spelling mistake or want to left some critic, let me know ;)
So, let's begin:

Preperations for the AGR (2037)
Starting up a racing series
17th March 2037

Anti-Gravity vehicles weren't widespreat as the Anti-Gravity godfathers Pierre Belmondo, Jonny Bovier and Chuck Hoffman announced the AGR. Standing for ",Anti-Gravity' Racing_" not only the stylisation gave it something that made the spelling sounding fresh.
Originally it was a coalition between AG research teams, rich people and racing driver who wanted to be part of a new generation...

"We're all happy to announce a new kind of motorsport, the AGR!" said a loud voice. It was Chuck Hoffman speaking through a microphone. The crowd was facinated. Anti-Gravity was something believed to be impossible, until Pierre Belmondo, standing next to Hoffman, absolved his historic flight.
"This new kind of racing competition will allow Anti-Gravity research bodies from all over the world, regardless their origin, to evolve Anti-Gravity technology, while winning the price money that is necessary to keep labours running and still entertain the crowd." This discribed the series very well, but it wasn't said the nice way. Jonny Bovier was already doing his typical facepalm pose, but the crowd saved his forehead. They were laughing.
"Many current Formula 1 Teams showed interest in the new Anti-Gravity technology, the AGR will give everyone a good proving ground. I think the most of you know it alredy, that blueprints for a working AG generator are open scource." continued Belmondo.
The actual presentation was much shorter than originally belived.

Everything ready for 2038?
30th July 2037

"Did you already heared that Red Bull Racing and Ferrari already established an Anti-Gravity research division?" asked Jonny Bovier his friend Pierre Belmondo while drinking a glass wine.
"Really?" Belmondo replyed while filling up his glass.
"Do you think I'm kidding you? And stop drinking so much!"
"I'm not drinking much, you're drinking less" both laughted.
"Actually I don't drink alcohol, but you frenchmen have the know-how" Bovier sorted out some pices of paper.
"Did you never tried Italian wine?" but Bovier didn't reacted and just showed him his sheets.
"This are already confirmed teams, the starting money is 400.000€ by the way."
"FEAGR, that's us! Wait, you want to fly too?" Belmondo was just thinking about Boviers age.
"Why not? Thats the biggest dream I ever had. And what does 'too' mean?" He already knew what Belmondos answear will be.
"Ok, I'll race to."

This are the first two "chapters", because it's the pilot I decided to release two of them.
And the next one will feature new unknown pilots.

26th April 2014, 03:29 PM
Some grammatical mistakes, but I like the concept!

30th April 2014, 10:22 PM
"Who is laughing now?"
-Dr.Fraser former president of the disolved World Technology Symposium, 30th April 2035

FEISAR announces their AG racing plans
The recently founded FEISAR team just tweeted a photo of their new craft.
They also announced their single pilot, the 21 years old Brit Paul Jackson.
-AG Racing - Magazine, 25th July 2037

Wheels or Turbines?
The AAA releases their plans to support Anti-Gravity racing. A new racing department will be founded, the AAGF, the American Anti-Gravity Federation. The IndyCar Series would be upgraded to the IndyCraft Series and would be the American counterpart of the AGR-scene from Europe.
-NWheels, 26th March 2037

FEAGR and Anti-Gravity Systems
The Foundation for European Anti-Gravity Research entered the AGR together with their sub-company AG Systems.
"There will be two seperate teams, bjt we'll work together. There is also a partnership with FEISAR possible." -Jeromê Michalí, President of FEAGR
-Press release from 5th October 2037

There is a difference
Unlike the AAA, the FIA rejected plans for a Anti-Gravity Racing Federation or an AG Racing Championship.
As FIA-President Dietrich Meizer said, AG Racing is a new kind of racing and that the FIA is only interested in motor racing.
-Motorsport-Total, 4th June 2037

The new track of FEISAR
Hello guys,
looks like the European Federation has enough money so that FEISAR just finished the construction of their test track.
I already hear some of you moaning that there is hunger in the world and so on...
Anyway, this is also a prototype for the upcoming generation of circuits. It has some tight turns and not less than two ramps!
I really look forward to this, what do you think? You know, wrght it intothe comments
-AGRacing (YouTube channel), 30th October 2037

15th May 2014, 08:49 PM
Authors note: For this story I'll try to write from 1st person view.

15th May 2037

"Don't touch me! I can do it myself!" I said to James. Man my leg hurts! "Don't behave like this just because owned you. I can see that you can't do it on your own." he replyed.
"At least he is ok. What happened?" This is Andreja, she hates it, when James and I are helding our rallys.
"Good question, I think this craft was sabotaged or something. There was, or is, something wrong with it." It was really not my fault, but try to explain this James or Daniel.
"There is something wrong with your piloting style" Ok, now I started to hate James.
"Why don't you help him out?" Andreja asked. "He said he can do it himself" James rejected, so Andreja helped me out.
"Thanks" I hate to say 'Thank you', of course it's correct, but I just don't know how to do it.

"Ok...ähh...Briefing" That's Daniel, our trainer, race engeneer and so on. He's from Sweden.
"Again Kristian had an accident" he began "Is really everyone kidding me" I was enraged, because noone toom me serious.
"Sorry, but it's no secret that you cash your craft every secound test day" he complained.
"Well..." Ok, I knew that this was true. But this time it wasn't my fault.

28th May 2014, 09:31 PM
Note: If you find spelling or grammar mistakes, please let me know.

Anastasia's and Kel's Story

"Welcome at Marussia" said a woman petending to be friendly. "You three are candidates for piloting our secound ship during the first Anti-Gravity Racing-Season. You will assist our main pilot, who also watches you during your test programm." The three pilots were the best what Marussia could get for their AG racing division. Sierra Miklosk, a guy from Finland, athletic and charismatic, a womenizer. Floid Svodovic, a bosnian Serbian, good with weapons, but this was no advantage, scince no AGR ship ever had a weapon system. He flew aggressive, that made him self-destructive. And at last, Anastasia Cherovoski, nothing is known about her, only her height.

"Ah, hey Kel, we got the profiles of the three candidates." A guy gave Kel a clipboard. "Strange individuals nowdays" was his answear, but continued "So what in particular I have to do?"
"You watch the candidates during their test program and judge who is best suited for the upcoming AGR" the man answeared.
"Sounds easy, so...were are the candidates?"
"They're gatting ready for their 'first impression fly', we thought it would be the best if you don't know the pilots personal, we're only interested in talent."

The 'first impression fly' was the easiest test, but it still counted to the final result.
Each pilot was allowed to choose a number, that number was written largely on the ship, Solaar knew the numbers, but not the pilots.
Myklosk choosed the number 7. He was confident, maybe to confident as he lost the control, but fortunately nothing broke and nobody was hurt. Svodovic got the number 01, he was a bit unconfident at first, but managed to control the craft like a professional. Anastasia decided for the number 4, she was unconfident too, but also managed to fly the craft without destroying something.

"Ok, the candidate with the 01, good one, maybe shy with the craft at first, but it was his first flight.
The #4, the same as the first one. And the 7, confident, to confident." Noted Solaar.

29th October 2014, 07:50 PM
Anti-Gravity Racing was called the future of racing, racing not motor racing. As the technology was quiet new, only few really were confident that government-funded research companies like FEAGR should challange car manufacturers like Ferrari on race tracks.

Fernando Alonso jr.
17th May 2037

Scuderia Ferrari, when you hear that name you think about, burning petrol and rubber, Alberto Ascari, Gilles Villeneuve, Jean Alesi, or Michael Schumacher, expensive cars and finest motor racing technology.
But it´s 2037 and the Ferrari company wanted to try something new, Anti-Gravity racing was more promissing than the America's Cup.

In Modena was a big test day, the new craft of Ferrari, that will be used in the AGR was tested.
"I don't know how I should call it." said a frustrated Fernando Alonso jr. after the hundredst test lap. "It oversteers."
"It's a racing craft, not a car, how could it oversteer?" asked a mechanic.
"Well, I just can't get the craft around the corners, I break a lot and steer fully into the corner, but it is just slippery."
"Slippery he says!"
"Don't laugh, it just doesn't has enough lateral stability." Fernando was calm, although the mechanics were making fun of him.
"*sigh* Ok, we'll have a look at it."

Wolff Anti-Gravity

The Wolff team was formed by Toto and Susie Wolff, again two F1-related people, in 2037.
It has nothing to do with the one-hit-wonder Wolff F1 from the 70s.
Toto Wolff was in a high position in the Mercedes AMG F1 Team, in his hands the team won multiple Titles and dominated the late 2010s.
Susie Wolff was his wife and a racedriver for mainly the Williams F1 team.
As Anti-Gravity technology became popular in 2035/2036, both decided to form an Anti-Gravity racing team, fully under their control.

Also the team's pilots have a motor racing tradition.
First of all there was Ferdinant Wolff, their oldest son.
The most famous pilot was Mick Schumacher, known as the son of Michael Schumacher, but he also had success in motor racing, winning two driver's championships. With 38 years he is one of the oldest pilots in the whole field (after Jonny Bovier, who is one year older).
Again the son of a racing legend is Felipe Massa jr. , being the team's third pilot.

19th May 2037

"So you are only one year here?" asked Paul Jackson his teammate Jonny Bovier.
"My company is Jennter Enterprises, we are representative in nearly every business, we run even a F1 team. We will enter AG racing next year." he explained.
"And why are you flying for FEISAR now?"
"I was already working for FEISAR and FEAGR, also together with Pierre. I want to test my...our invention.
I´m 39 years old, my bets years are over."

Between FEAGR and FEISAR was no conncetion, they were almost rivals.

FEISAR was already back then known for their pilot development program, Paul Jackson was indeed, the first of many.

30th December 2014, 02:04 AM
Lola was a sportscar manufacturer since the 1960s, but in 2026, after the economic crises, caused by the high fuel taxes, the company went bankrupt.
In 2035, as the global economy recovered, the rights on the name "Lola Racing Cars" were aquired by the British businessman Martin Gilligan.
Anyway, in late 2036 the sub-company "Lola Anti-Gravity Crafts" was formed, in early 2037 it was confirmed that Lola will join the AGR.

But that wasn't the only Lola team, Guy Hoffman an American businessman and engineer, bought Lola craft chassis and combined them with Kurtis engines.
Kurtis Kraft was originally an IndyCar-chassis manufacturer in the 50s, but again rights on old names were bought and thrown into Anti-Gravity racing.

Infact two Lola teams existed, both independent companies, it remembered many of the 2011 Formula One season, as two Lotus teams started, Lotus-Renault and Lotus with Renault engines.

The British Lola team started in a bright blue, with two crafts. The first one was piloted by the Israeli Samuel Deutscher with the number 12. Second pilot was the Swedish Johannes Dumbreck with the number 45.

The American Lola team had only one craft, Guy Hoffman himself was going to pilot it. Common practise in the late 30s that even older people were participating in such a dangerous sport.